Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Imagine that you are at a carnival, surrounded by every imaginable type of ride in existence. Then, imagine that these rides all become invisible. Of course the rides are still around you – they just cannot be seen by your eyes. Perhaps this is because the rides exist as a different frequency than you, making the eyes unable to focus on them.
Then imagine that you suddenly wish to experience riding on a particular ride, so it becomes visible to you. 

Perhaps this is because your very desire to experience it has realigned the frequency of the ride to match your own – causing it to appear as part of your world.

After you ride the machine, you choose another, and then another; adding to your experience all the rides in the park. During all of these experiences you feel like your desire to ride has created something new, since the rides were unavailable for viewing prior to your wanting of it. However, you have not created anything new – you have simply used for experience, that which was all around you and invisible to the naked eye already.

The same is true of your life. We are not creating new things; we are merely using that which surrounds us at all times, every minute of our existence. Having no visibility of All That Exists does not mean that it is not there. When we want to experience something that is new to us, all of the parts that were previously unseen gather together and come into view, making us believe the illusion of creation. But we are only putting into motion the completeness of creation that surrounds us, and even envelopes us at all times.

That is to say, all that we will ever experience is waiting for us to call upon it. This is possible because creation is already complete. All you have to do is pull from the infinite field of All That Is, and it will form for you; this will occur regardless of a good or bad designation that is assigned to it. All parts of creation are in perfect homeostasis with itself; that is, creation is neutral in nature. Experiences only become positive or negative after we put them into use.

Now imagine that you have the power to call into existence all of the good you have ever dreamed for your life. Suddenly, goodness will no longer be invisible to you – but will take you on the ride of your life.

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