Saturday, February 22, 2014


See yourself as being filled with light. This light is so powerful it leaves no corner of your body in shadow. It illuminates so brightly that your skin becomes featureless as the light radiates outward through it.

Through this light, no gender can be identified, no race can be seen, and no social class is obvious. Even the tiniest of molecules, in the deepest part of your body, are brightened from the inside out.

Because this light fills every available space in your body, no room is left for sickness, worries, or illusions about who you really are.

You are light - and light has no back, no front, no up, and no down. Light goes out in every direction and it does it all at once. This light of yours blankets all that you do, reveals all of your secrets, and does not know how to extinguish.

You are everywhere - You are eternal - You are brilliant

JB Lewis

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