Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Jet-Stream of the Universe

There is a jet-stream in our atmosphere that is always moving and its path is always fluctuating. There is a current in the ocean that is always moving and its path is always fluctuating. These currents completely circumference the Earth. There is also a current within the field of energy that we know as life. It is always moving and its path is always fluctuating. This current completely fills the Universe.

Besides the constant movement of these forces, the one thing that is the same of them all is, not one of these flows ever goes backwards. And the secret seems to be, if we get into the middle of any of these movements, we can travel effortlessly to any point that current passes. Fish do this in the ocean; they do not have to swim because the current carries them without consideration of what species they are. Birds do this in the sky; they do not have to work, but simply glide on what nature has given them regardless of bird type.

The same is true of the Universal flow of energy. We are welcome to ride the current regardless of race, upbringing, financial status, or belief system. And contained on the route of this electrical flow are all the things we could ever want. All that is needed from us is to reach out and grab it, mentally speaking, claiming it as our own.

But how can one tell if they are riding the wave of life? It all comes down to this simple question. Does your life feel difficult, or does it feel easy? If it feels easy then you are riding the stream. If life feels hard then you have stepped out from the flow and are fighting the current.

So how does one get into, or back into, the jet-stream of the Universe? This may sound impossible but, no matter what you are doing, you must stop. No matter how much you believe you must continue on with your current agenda, you must stop. If the job feels wrong, you must stop and change it. If the relationship feels wrong, you must stop and change it. No matter what the thing is that is going on with you, you must stop and do something else. If you are unwilling to take the chance to make a change, then do not complain that you are not going to where you believe you should. Remember, everything in life is our own fault. The best way to know what to change your life to is to let go of life as you know it; that is, simply turn your back on it. There is no other way. If you quit your job, do not look back in regret. Just be glad in your decision. Do this in everything because that is how the expression of (letting go) works.

You should know this as well: there is nothing about life that is trying to stop you from living freely, or being prosperous, or successful, or being loved. The flow of life is ever moving and has no opinion about you. The flow is progressive and only knows how to create. The only thing preventing anyone from being more today than they were yesterday is what is believed mentally. As my mom always says, "Can't never could."

I've watched people born with no arms learn to drive with their feet, comb their hair, brush teeth, take care of children, and type out a novel with feet faster than some can type with fingers. I have seen a man with no feet or arms become a professor, a motivational speaker, write multiple books and become published, and even marry the love of his life. His name is Nick Vujicic. Look him up on his website: http://www.attitudeisaltitude.com/about-nick-his-story.

These people did all that they wanted because they believed they could. So what is your excuse for not being the person you envision? To find the answer, there is only one place you need to go - the mind.

It is time to ask yourself, "What do I believe?" Are you a Can Do thinker, or a Can Not thinker? This is something only you can answer and change. And more than likely, only someone with a "Live Life Fearlessly" mentality will be able to uproot their current existence and make such a change, but what do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

The jet-stream of life is waiting for you all, my friends. I'll catch you on the wave!

JB Lewis

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