Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love Thyself

It is not necessary to FIND love. This is because we carry love with us wherever we go. When you meet someone and "fall in love" with them, it is not love that you have found; each of you are simply acting as mirrors, reflecting back to the other, their own understanding of love; and this pleases the Soul. The mind projects the idea of your love onto the one you have met and creates the illusion that the other is responsible for your love and the creation of your happiness. This is disadvantageous since, should that person ever leave you, you will feel as if they have taken your love with them, leaving you feeling empty and unhappy. But if You realize that You are the bringer of love, and Your mate is the bringer of love, then no separation of being could ever take love from You. Think of it this way; the Soul does not know how to love another more than It loves Itself because, it is known throughout the Universe that, every Soulful Identity is already filled with the same Absolute Love. That is to say, no other Soul can give You anything to make You more complete than You already are. Until the human mind realizes this, it will not be able to experience love greater than that of its own understanding of love. That is why it has been said that, "People cannot love another more than they love themselves."

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