Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Reflection

Do you suppose that the body You see in the mirror would have still been born if You, (the Soul), had not taken it? Of course it would have; but perhaps some other Spiritual Identity would have used it, making the personality of the body completely different. Remember that You are not the body; the Soul is simply the user of the body seen in the reflection. The Soul is an Identity that is known throughout all creation, while the body is merely Its physical alter-ego. And You, (the Soul), have been many egos along the way. 

But because You are here, now, and using the body You are in; I know for certain that You are here on purpose - or else, the body You are using would be someone else. Yes, the body would still appear the same in the mirror, however, every action of that body would be different all together.

Would the name of the body still be John, Jeff, Stephanie, Lindsey Nancy, or the like? More than likely, it would, since the parents named the body, not the Soul. You are not the name of the body; that is not who You are at all - it is simply Your secret identity in the flesh. You already have a name that all of heaven knows You as. All of the Universe also knows every name ever used by You.

The things done on Earth may seem like a secret; things may appear as if no one can see You; there may not be an obvious point to Your life, but I assure You, there is. Otherwise, You would be someplace else, doing some other thing, living as some other identity. But You are not - You are here now, living life on purpose, with a purpose - and that is why we love You and cannot wait to see what You and Your reflection are going to do next.

JB Lewis

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