Monday, February 10, 2014

Declaring Gay-ness

I have noticed that whenever someone decides to no longer hide their sexual orientation, it becomes a news worthy announcement on prime time. Last week, a young male teen football player announced he was gay. Then, today, a potential NFL player announced he also was gay.

On one hand I say, "Good for you. You have decided to not be ashamed of how you feel about your sexual identity."
On the other hand I say, "Your sexual identity is not really who you are. Announcing to the world that you are gay is nothing but an identity crisis driven by the ego."

It is the ego that must be noticed, for the ego is in love with itself. It is this same ego in others that drives them from you, because the ego is one place within humans where understanding does not exist.
But do not fret because the Soul does not need acceptance - the Soul is never ashamed of any action It partakes of - the Soul would never need to announce Itself to the world in order to buck a resistant system of belief in order to feel better about Itself.

If a person decides that the most poignant thing about them is who they're attracted to, or with whom they have sex, then they have not really settled the issue going on inside.

I understand that it is liberating to boldly declare something that has previously been made to make you feel ashamed, inadequate, and unequal; however, efforts to make others accept you by being audacious will not bring you the peace that you really seek; for such boldness is filled with pride and irreverence, and those things rarely produce serenity.

I tell you this:
If you are a man that loves men - announcing it to the world will not produce a more loving relationship. If you are a woman that loves women - announcing it to the world will not make your bond of love stronger. Enduring the rejections of others will not make others redefine their beliefs; it will not make you appear stronger or untouchable by resisting their disdain. You will simply feel trampled. 

Ready? Let me tell you -
You are not the actions of your body. Your penis or vagina is merely a tool that the Soul uses for Its own pleasure as It has Its way with the body.
Your body has not decided to be gay; this is because the body does not make choices - it cannot. The body is a performer in an act of which the Soul is the writer, producer and director.

The Soul has made the choice to experience love in the way that it does without any help from the body. The Soul always knows what It wants, while never needing approval from any other source. Therefore, any declaration of sex that is made is done so from a egocentric point of view, and in all regards, useless.

Know This:
At the end of this life experience, it will not matter who you had sex with. It will not matter what people thought of you. It will not matter how many people accepted the lifestyle you lived. It will not even matter whether or not the body (that you think you are) understood the purpose of YOUR life.

But it will always matter - that you lived.

JB Lewis

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