Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Everyone In Heaven Is Equal

Whenever something good happens in someone's life, the recognition often goes to a third party, as in a deity. Whenever something bad happens in someone's life, people are all too quick to take the credit for that, rather than pass it off to a third party deity. Why is it that people are so quick to give away their power when things are good and drench themselves in guilt when things go south? But when someone is aware of their greatness and power they are considered vain and arrogant; or when pleasure is experienced a demon must be involved because life shouldn't be enjoyed too much.

When something great happens in your life, you are fully responsible for it - the same is true for all of your experiences. Remember, your body is exactly where the Soul using the body has placed it. The Soul has not made any mistakes. All of your life, the good of it and the bad of it, has been the workings and power of the Soul, not a third party. You are not a drone or a robot; you are not a slave; you are a free Spirit. No religious or spiritual entity that came before did so in order to control you later from the afterlife. Your life is your own.

You can give your power away to whomever you wish, there is nothing wrong with that if it serves your consciousness to do so. But there is nothing Spiritually to be gained from it. You will not earn a special place among the other beings of love and light. You will not be exalted above everyone else, for in the All of Everything, every creature exists as one. None lives outside of another. Everyone is equal AND equally loved. Believing that you are not alone on your journey and looking to a third party for comfort can be great; but believing that someone else is responsible and in control of your happiness is not so great and deprives you of the joy of feeling, on a personal level, the things that the Soul can accomplish.
So as you go through this life, know that you are valuable, capable, lovable and powerful enough to achieve whatever thought crosses that mind of yours.

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