Friday, January 3, 2014

How I Began Living In Consciousness

What is it to Live in Consciousness? What do I mean by that?
Conscious living is living on purpose, with a purpose, and not as a rudimentary drone, operating out of habit, or implanted programming.

It is a way of thinking that shows the Human Brain how to be fulfilled by the Spiritual Mind, and then function together in a naturally harmonic symbiosis. In simplest terms, it is the most complete way you can live in human form.
Some people may wonder how in the world they are supposed to begin this mental and spiritual transformation. Well, it all really comes down to one thing.

Change what you believe, and the change will be Unbelievable.

But let me back up a little…perhaps to the beginning, as far as I can remember.

          I do not remember the day I was born, but I do recall somewhere in between that day and one year. Perhaps, that is because it was no ordinary year.

          Let me explain. I have no memory of visions – it was all feeling; but a feeling with a knowing behind it. My memory dates all the way back to when I still used my baby crib as my resting place and diapers to cover my bottom. After being placed down for a daytime nap or to sleep all night, things would occur that may seem out of the ordinary to anyone else. That's because - I wasn't alone. 

What I am about to tell you are memories that have never faded - almost like mental scars that remain no matter what else I may forget throughout life.
After my mother would place me into my crib and leave the room, I was awakened by the most pleasant of feelings. Sometimes, I would sleep through the night and upon waking for the day, the pleasantness would reappear for me.

Nearly every memory I have of waking up in the crib has the feeling of being loved and comforted by three specific beings. Of the three beings, two felt motherly and one felt like a male, but not fatherly. I say, felt, because I don’t actually remember bodies. But I remember the motherly ones at the crib with me. And even though I don’t remember hands, I felt as if they were touching my belly and rubbing me all over as a mother would do. When they touched me, I felt as if their “hands” were all through me, from head to feet; they all felt like mothers that had attended me at different points within my existence as a spiritual being; two of the Earth, and one not. And when I was being rubbed by those energies, I felt no awareness of being within the confines of the crib.

After feeling transcended, all I sensed was light. Looking back through my mind’s eye, the light was everywhere and everything; as I page through my memory now, I feel as if I was absorbed into it. Even after returning to my crib, the light was still everywhere, but had become darker in places, revealing other elements of things that were part of the light – such as the house we lived in, my physical mother, brother, father and the like. Out of all the things I remember feeling, beauty and comfort were the most prominent.

And although everything was light, including my motherly caretakers, I could still identify each of them separately from the light. Beyond this explanation, I cannot describe it other than to say; they were light, but I could still see Who They Were within a field of nothing but light. I look at the sunlight today, and it does not compare; but unlike the sun, the light of my infancy was not blinding.

The love of it all enveloped me. There was nothing around me to hold me, like a crib or even the ground, yet I did not fear falling. There was nothing between me and everything else. I was connected to it all, and the all was limitless. These mental pictures have been burned into my memory and I do not know why. Every time I think back to it I always smile and I suddenly become inspired to write something about it. I just never have – until now. That was from the fear of me thinking I was crazy.

When I woke up from a nap, sometimes the beings would still be there and then fade out as if they were tucking me back in; other times they were not. But I never felt alone when they were not there. I did then, and do to this day, feel connected on all sides to something indescribable.

The male being never came to me in the crib, but felt more like an observer. I do not feel I needed him; I felt complete.

I have no memory of actual conversations, but I remember my mind being filled with what I would now call words. It was like we were old friends and they were making sure that I was comfortable in my new skin. I can remember these energies being around almost every time I was in the crib, but I don’t seem to have a memory of seeing them when I wasn't in the crib. Perhaps my mind was too busy with activity during the other times of the day. 

As I got older, the feeling of having my three crib companions around, simply faded. It was like getting dropped off at daycare and not noticing the parents had gone. I remember every year that went by after that, but I did not see or feel anything from the energies; not that I can currently remember, anyway.

Time went by and I became a teenager; but by that time I had completely forgotten about the beautiful feeling of love that enveloped me as a baby when my spiritual mothers were there. At the age of fifteen, I hated life and wanted to leave it as soon as possible. I just couldn't seem to find my place in the world. But every time I gave giving up any serious consideration, some part of me wouldn't let me do it; or some other influence would show up in my life and show me that giving up wasn't the way for me. There was a feeling that came over me so strongly, that I couldn't ignore it. I called it a voice, although I did not hear the vibration of vocal chords.

I was at war with the things my mother had taught me about God, and the things the church and society had taught me, because I just couldn't make my internal feelings match with what they were saying. I simply became tired of hearing them tell me, “Trust in the Lord,” when I asked questions that they did not have answers to. Around age 35, I submitted to the power within myself. The messages I write about now come from the voice within. The messages are not original. They are the same that others have spoken of before me, but go unnoticed by the masses.

Now, when I look back and add up all of the 2+2’s of my life, I can see that my spiritual guardians remained with me through every part of my life even though I was no longer aware of them; including my miserable teen years. They never left my side. They are still with me to this day – I now call them my Spirit Family. They guide me and flow through me freely. I often say, if I could wrap up the knowledge I now have and give it to myself every year for Christmas, it would be the best gift I have ever received.

Now, almost everything I write is an inspired message from the “Voice Within”. People do not always fully understand me, or the messages I write. They instantly compare my writings to the scriptures of the Bible. I have even had people ask me if I believe in God, the devil, hell, heaven or the Bible, just because my words don’t sound like what they are used to.

But I have learned to write what comes out, and to not concern myself with the belief or disbelief of others. Those who seek these messages will find them; and those who are not ready to listen, will simply turn away and continue through their chosen reality.

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