Friday, December 20, 2013

Making New Decisions

In order to have a new outcome in your life, you must first make a new decision. It is interesting how some people keep making the same decisions, yet keep expecting different outcomes. Should you be in a bad relationship, marriage or otherwise, in financial trouble or falling from grace in other respects; you can make a new choice at any time. All that is required a lot of times is the courage to do so.
Think of it like this: if you are in a boat in the middle of the ocean and you want to reach the shore; all the thinking of it and all the wanting of it will not draw you any closer to the shore. Instead, any new decision must be followed by a new action. This is self-evident since the shore can never come to you in the middle of the ocean no matter how much you want it to. You must pick up the paddles and head to your destination, or else your situation will only become stagnant – or perhaps even deteriorate.
After making a new choice and taking action, you may encounter a current that flows to where you want to go. Such a current is an indicator that you are (going with the flow) of the Universe. (Flowing) is a good thing since currents only flow in one direction. A current can never flow over the top of another in the opposite direction so if you are in the flow, you are headed in the right direction. You will notice that going with this natural flow will feel easier than your previous efforts of trying to contradict the current.
I have learned from experience to never feel sorry for myself when I make decisions with unfavorable outcomes because I am aware that I am the master of everything that appears in my life. There is not one single person I can blame (misfortune) on except myself. Even when things seem to happen to me, I now know that decisions I’ve made along the way have led me directly to where (misfortune) happened. 

Everywhere you and I both have stood on the planet has been orchestrated by our own thoughts. Each step we take leads us to where we are supposed to be unless your brain has been removed and someone else is making decisions for your body. That is why I have the word, misfortune, separated from the sentences in parenthesis; because there is nothing that is really amiss in our lives. 
Stand up and declare your new and brave decisions right now. Make it known to everyone with ears to listen. Pay attention because everything you need to know will begin to appear all around you once you have stated yourself. Then take the necessary actions to move your desires forward. While doing what needs to be done, remain in constant peace about it – being absolutely all right with the outcome. When you find peace in your decision and action - that will be the flow of the cosmos (God) carrying you through.

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