Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Your Universal Family

Most people believe God is a white man with a long flowing beard, a white robe and a staff, walking around on streets of gold, looking down on you and judging every move and thought you make.

God is not one single being at all, for the image of God encapsulates all that exists. Most aptly, God is an IDEA that emanates from a field of Intelligent Thought; an Idea that represents the entire Conscious Collective; a collective that includes every being within the Whole of it all. God is a Family, not an individual.

If even one being was missing from this Family, the idea of God would be incomplete. However, since God is contained within a realm that cannot be breached, incompleteness can never occur because no part of the Whole can ever go missing or become separated from the rest. If separation is experienced in a spiritual state, it would be in Thought only, and would last only until the Thought about it changed to something else.

Physical bodies are left behind to decay, and are not transported into another realm. The only bodies that exist in a spiritual state, are ones made only of Thought; an idea of what you see yourself as; but not an actual body.

Within this Family of Creative Consciousness, there is no pain - only ideas of pain.
There is no sadness - only ideas of sadness.
There is no loss - only ideas of loss.
There is no hell - only ideas of hell.
There is no heaven - only ideas of what you believe heaven to be. You can make your heaven as you wish; make it as brilliant as your thoughts can manifest. There are no limits because it is all only Thought. You can change your Thoughts about heaven or even Who You See Yourself as at any time; there is no one who will tell you otherwise because Love is not a controlling force.

Love is the only true Thought. When all things that are not true are removed - all that is left to experience - is Love. That is why when you lose your body, you will feel covered in Love, because there are no untrue elements in the Thought realm, unlike our physical experience, where there isn't one true thing about it. It is all Thought propaganda - a kind of photographic subterfuge, superimposing one image onto another to create a false reality; this is strictly for our entertainment and experience - much like actors pretending on-screen to live in that particular reality.
They are just playing out an idea until the idea is complete - then the actors move on to something else to pretend about. It in no way implies who we really are, or our place within the Whole.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits (death) and their entrances (birth); and one man in his time plays many parts..."

- William Shakespeare

Writers of religion have projected ideas of who we are. Writers of religion have declared who God is - but it is only a clever spin on the truth and is not to be taken seriously. In fact, all of life is not to be taken seriously because there isn't one part of life that has the power to become something other than what we Think into it. We are the masters of this physical reality and nothing happens in it unless our Thoughts about it make it so. If you believe otherwise, then that is the reality you will Think into being; it will be true for you.

"...it is done unto you as you have believed."
- Matthew 8:13

Know this:
The Family of the Whole of Everything is right there with you even as you cry for what you believe you have lost to this world. They are there as you rejoice for the greatest, grandest moment of your life. They are there when you are born and they are there when you die. Even when you cannot see or feel them, they are with you. This is your Universal Family; they are your God Family. And they will never leave you.

"...and behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of time. Amen"
- Matthew 28:20

JB Lewis

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