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The Origins of Us

Top of Form
Adam, according to religion, is the first human to occupy the Earth. There is no place in the bible that describes Adam's birth, and there cannot be, because there were no women from which to be birthed; at least according to scripture. It is implied in the minds of readers that Adam just poofed onto the planet in a puff of smoke. Then, the book of Genesis goes on to explain how the first female appeared. This was by God placing Adam into a deep sleep, and then removing a rib. This rib was then fashioned into the second human to occupy the Earth, which was given the name, Eve. Once again, however, no birth from a mother's womb had taken place.
It is then proposed that the rest of humankind, save for Jesus, was born of sex and a vaginal birth. Jesus was written as being born vaginally, but not from sexual intercourse. That is because sex was seen as too unclean an act to be the source of a holy savior.
 You may find yourself asking, if Adam could simply appear out of the blue sky, why couldn't Eve? Why couldn't Jesus? Why couldn't everyone?
Do not worry, you are not asking inappropriate questions. What you want to know is reasonable.
Of course, our beginnings cannot be time-stamped by dating the scriptures to four or five thousand years ago, for who and what we are is but an infinite Idea. We have existed as long as Thought has existed. And through this time, we have had many forms, and have existed in many places. Our appearances now are simply the current way in which we desire to express the thoughts of whom and what we wish to be.
Now consider this. Everything that is experienced, whether spiritual or physical, began as ideas within a realm where nothing but thought resides. Those thoughts were then vibrated into form from elements that were imagined into existence in advance. Don't you remember?

"...In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." – John 1:1
Words are not tangible things; therefore we know that words are really just ideas that vibrated outward from thought. Hence, if the Word was God, then we know that God is really just Thought, and not a singular being. Are you with me so far?

But this "beginning" the scripture speaks of wasn't the Earth's beginning; it was the beginning of our portion of Consciousness.
Let me say it this way: Within a field of Consciousness where nothing but continual thoughts occur, and since all thoughts yield results one way or another, all that is needed to cause a new creation (or area of Consciousness) to unfold, is a thought that desires it.
 Keep in mind that when I write the word, Thought; it is the same as saying Universe, God, Heaven, Spirit, Consciousness, or the like. I interchange these words to help get the message across that they are all the same thing. And when I capitalize the word, it is being used as a proper noun – as the name of God or Creator would be capitalized.  
 So imagine that once upon a time there was only one realm of Consciousness (or Thought) that existed. Then let us imagine that, at some point within this realm, an idea to expand Itself was generated; it is at that moment that the birth of a new area of Consciousness (or Universe) was born. This is not to create a new god, but expand the Family of Thought that already exists.
This happens over and over on a scale so grand, that the expansion of what is now called the multi-verse can actually be measured by astronomers. If we could put a clock to it, we would see that this expansive thought process is creating additional Universes every moment of every day – into infinity.
 Now, within any realm of Conscious Thought, there are no dividers between the thoughts; if the thoughts occurring within this realm were physical, there would be no way to tell one thought from another. In this realm, Spirit replicates Itself (or thoughts of Itself) from within, and then expands out – sending out ripples like that of a wave after tossing a rock into a pond. But just imagine throwing a gazillion rocks into a pond at once, and repeating this every second that creation exists.
Because every Thought generated has a unique vibration, each new birth of Consciousness is identifiable. Our limited human language might call these vibrational differences realms, dimensions, planes, or levels of existence, to name a few. But no matter the language, it is all the same thing – the vibration of energy; and vibrational energy is nothing more than Intelligence that can think and is aware of Itself.
 As far as our origins go, I can say it this way. First, God was the Word; and then used the Word to build physical forms. That is to say, God used Itself to make more of Itself. Then, a system that could sustain organic physical life on an endless basis for as long as Thought desires it, was imagined into place.
Everything about this reproductive system is magnificent, and most of it has not yet been utilized. We gave ourselves the ability to evolve and change our structure and appearance to adapt to physical circumstances that we would encounter through our organic journeys. We made parts within our bodies interchangeable between us. We encoded every element of life into a biological code we call DNA, so we have at our disposal the ability to become more, or less, than we were before, at any given moment. Every organic being carries this code, and it can be accessed for the purpose of change whenever we desire. That is how this fish achieved this in order to avoid its predator: it can fly for up to ten seconds by propelling itself with its fin.

We have always existed in some form or another. Earth is not our first time being physical, Adam was not the first human, hominid or physical being, and Eve, or any woman, would not be made from the rib of a man. As Intelligent Souls, we devised a birthing process that ensures our organic survival by bonding mother to baby, father to mother, and community to one another. Any other method of re-creation could be used, but the experience would be entirely different. So for our purposes, and for what we all have chosen to experience here, on this world, we procreate sexually. It is not dirty, nasty, unclean or sinful. It is perfect – but then, we all designed it.
 All humans do not observe these processes, but it is not required; there will always be just enough people following the natural birthing order to keep life fresh and flowing for everyone. These Souls follow this method by design; meaning, as part of the Collective, they freely chose (because nothing is forced) to participate in our organic facilitation. We are perfectly balanced.
To come right down to it:
Your origin cannot be adequately defined, other than to say, you have always existed. You have always been the all of everything. You have always been Intelligent Thought. Before you were your current self, you were the Thought of another who desired you into being. You are the offspring of infinite Thinkers before you, and you have given birth to countless Thinkers since your conception. This is possible because Thought Itself has always existed, and you have always been a part of It; even before your customized little portion of Consciousness was realized.
Thought cannot separate from Itself. Thought exists everywhere, without boundaries. And in the realm of Thinkers, all things are known At Once; but this realm of Thinking is not confused or jumbled since there is no linear time or boundaries where one thought ends and another begins. Thought gives rise to more Thought, which causes the expansion of Itself, exponentially. As long we can think, we will exist. And you cannot stop thinking. Even after the body dies, YOU will continue to think. YOU will still be aware. YOU will still be perfect.
But what you really want to know is how life on Earth really began, isn't it? To know this, all you need to do is think about Who You Are and what you are capable of. You are a thinker; a contemplator backed by Intelligence and blocked by nothing. The foundation for all life on Earth was laid before Earth even came into being, for Earth existed in Thought, along with everything else, before its physical matter was brought together by the forces of the Universe. Like the preparation of a cake before it goes into the oven. All the elements are gathered in their completeness, mixed together, and then molded into the finished product.
In essence, this is the Earth's recipe too. Then, by the time the Earth was formed and suitable for life, the organic materials that were laid down for us, were available for use by us. It was then that our Thoughts created vibrations about who we wanted to experience ourselves as; then the biological elements created by us, manifested the first hominids. Since the Earth is more than fifteen billion years old, it is self-evident that we have used our specially coded DNA to evolve our physical structures to suit the ever growing and changing atmosphere of the planet. In fact, all creatures that have ever existed on Earth have used their portion of DNA to manifest change in order to progress.
Every being throughout the All of Creation has done this. Structures differ to degrees, but the system remains the same because all Thought is connected, all Thought is organic, and all Thought is alive. We know this is true since nothing that is dead can give birth to life.
It is even written, "...I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living." -Matthew 22:32
Everywhere Consciousness has lived throughout a multi-verse of life, a divine method of experiencing ourselves anew has been employed. Of course we could simply appear into form and skip such rudimentary seeming procedures, but everything we do is for the experience of self-rediscovery. That is because we love to discover ourselves. We love to re-discover our favorite parts. We love to feel life in every possible way. But mostly, we do things the way we do - simply because we enjoy turning Love, into something magnificent.

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