Monday, October 28, 2013

The Power of the Mind

Heather was gone to school the other day, leaving me in charge of lunch for our two girls. I searched the cabinets high and low looking for something good; "good" is guy code for "no cooking involved."
I decided on pizza delivery for a surprise. I called from my room so no one knew I had ordered it. A few minutes later, Mia, my 13-year-old said, "Why don't we have pizza for lunch?"
I thought I would have a little fun with that. I said, "Okay then, let's say the magic words and tell the Universe we want to have pizza delivered right to our door."
I thought they would be amazed if they thought pizza just showed up at the front door just from us announcing out loud that we wanted it.
I guess Mia is a non-believer because she totally ignored me. But Holly, my 5-year-old, held her hand up to the sky and said, "I would like pizza delivered right to my door."
I said, "Let's do it again to give it more power." So we both raised our hands and said, "I would like pizza delivered right to our door."
We watched the window in search of a car with a pizza sign mounted to the top. Holly was all into it, even pressing her face against the window for better vision. I built it up by saying, "I just know the Universe is going to manifest a pizza for us - I just know it."
Well, about 15 minutes went by, but there was no pizza car in sight; I was starting to get concerned considering the pizza joint is only 3 miles down the road; so we called out to the Universe again, chanting in sync, "I would like pizza delivered right to my door." But after 15 more minutes passed and still no pizza, my 5-year-old said, "Why don't we try the Real magic words?"
I answered, "What are the real magic words?"
She said, "You use your phone."
I started to laugh and replied, "And what do I do with my phone?"
Cleverly she said, "You call their number, and say, 'I would like pizza delivered right to my door.'"
I was stumped - she was onto me.
How is that for brain power. Out smarted once again by my 5-year-old.

JB Lewis

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