Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Real Anti-Christ

Know that there is no chance of you being fooled by THE Anti-Christ. Every person that does not consider Christ in their lives would technically be an Anti-Christ. Those are the only ones you will ever find.
The thing you should know is, God did not create anything that could or would ever be out of balance with Who God Is. It isn't even possible that an angel would exist that would counter or go against God, for all beings in their Spiritual state would already see the truth of All Things, and know that God is indivisible, unconquerable, and in harmony with everything that exists. 
It is only the human mind that is deceived by fantasy and illusion since your current physical brain has never been to the Spiritual Realm to see things as they really are. And since the One Consciousness is All There Is, It cannot fight Itself.
If you base your life's decisions on what you think you know about God, you will find yourself confused and wandering in the metaphorical desert until you realize that you already know the truth. That is why you are reading this now. Your Soul already knows the truth and is trying to inform the rest of you.
So ask yourself; are you listening?

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