Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Heaven You Seek

There will come a time when people will realize that they could have lived their lives more fully - for most people it will probably be super close to the moment of death. It is at the moment of death when all of the things that we fought over, cared about, and believed in will be revealed as all of the little things that never actually mattered. These precious parts are solely for your joy during this short physical moment of human life. So LIVE! Do Not obsess. Do Not worry. Do Not fear. Do Not panic.

At some point, the Universe (Spirit) will take a deep breath in, and consume all there is before breathing out again, so why are you accumulating so much stuff? You will not be keeping any of it because you were never meant to take up permanent residence here. A person should be able to enjoy all of the riches of the Earth, but be able to let them go without a fight. Be ready to give up all that you hold dear at any moment; even your family. Remember, other people do not belong to you, so love, cherish and enjoy them while they are with you, but know that they won't be staying long; none of us ever do.

There is no need to concern yourself with leaving a legacy of things you have done or passing down treasures to your children, for if you can build a life of material things, so can they; and one of the best things about living is achieving your dreams - not inheriting someone else's dreams. Simply live out loud, taking in all of the world - and then Let It Go after you are done with it. The need to leave a legacy for others to admire is only the ego requiring its continual recognition. Try to see life beyond the limits of the ego, vanity and all of the attachments you have acquired.

It is when you have reached this point in your thinking that you will be truly free because you will understand how this aspect of God works. This is because God does not store up things in the Heaven you seek; everything that Spirit has made from Itself is continually passing in and out of phase, from one realm, one frequency and one existence to another. Spirit is constant in the fact that It always will be Spirit - but Spirit is mutable through all of Its other expressions.

When we collectively understand that our time in the reality known as Earth is but a micro-fiber in the fabric of Creation, we will not have a desire to hoard material things. We will not kill over something we know we cannot take with us into other realms or dimensions. We will not separate ourselves from one another because we will understand that people don't end at the edge of their skin; they continue on, passing their essence through us and into everything. 

Living in this way will be the fullest that humans on Earth have ever experienced life.   

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