Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cars and Souls

I get the feeling there are still those out there that do not fully grasp their position within this mind consuming world. So, while driving today, I had these words come to me. I have talked along these lines before. But for those who may have missed it, consider this:

Today's cars appear intelligent because they've had intelligence programmed into them. Still, a car cannot decide to do anything outside of its programming; an outside source, like a driver, has to give the car, and its programming direction. The car cannot take itself for a drive to enjoy a sunny day; it has no desire to since the car does not serve itself - it serves the outside source that operates it. Even when cars can one day drive themselves, they will not do it out of desire - but from the program installed to make it so.

If you can accept this, then perhaps you can view your physical body in a similar way.

In comparison, the body has limited self-sustaining programming stemming from DNA that can make the body behave in a mildly intelligent manner. Then, as we grow from birth, additional data is implanted into the body by the people and world around us to further enhance the illusion of intellectual autonomy.
However, with reasonable likeness to the modern automobile, the body cannot competently operate outside of its internal information routines, unless directed to do so by an outside Source; that Source being the Soul.

Consider a body that has not been injured in any way; if the body was self-serving, it is reasonable to presume that the body would be able to carry on of its own accord long after a Soul departs it. But how do we know when a Soul leaves the body alone? We can usually figure this out when the body falls flat on its face and never gets up again. We consider the body, at that moment, to be dead. Even if we keep the body alive by artificial means, the body will only lie there, unable to get up, or have a conversation, or go to the bathroom. Why is this so? Because the Source that drives the body is no longer present.

But let's pretend the body could maneuver itself of its own volition after death. The body could only perform the functionality of the residual data that was left behind in the brain from all the Soul's experiences. Perhaps information within the brain would cause the body to head out and revisit a childhood town, or a grocery store, or some other location. But once there, the brain and body would just wander around aimlessly, without a purpose. That is because no new agenda has been given to the brain. The brain would only be repeating past actions. Without the Soul, the body would simply act in a catatonic state since the body has only existed as a slave to the Soul, and has no purpose of its own.

When the Soul leaves a body, Its identity goes with It. All the experiences, memories, feelings and love forever resonate as part of the Soul. Only a silhouette of those events are left behind in the brain; the brain could try to process what is left, but the results would be meaningless. The brain is simply a storehouse for the Soul to use while expressing physicality.

Who you are is not an empty storehouse or a shadow of a being. You are the Light of all beings. There is no darkness about you. And, as with cars, bodies come and go, but You remain constant. In the grand scheme of things, your body is insignificant, and in no way represents who you are any more than your BMW represents who you are.
Know this - out of all the decisions that have occurred in this lifetime, the body you see in the mirror, nor the brain between your ears, has made one single decision on its own; it only appears that way since the Soul processes Its Earthly experiences through the brain. After all, that is why the brain was created. Yes, the brain can regurgitate anything that it has encountered, but the final thought on any matter belongs solely to the Soul.

You ARE NOT a body. Exercise it, feed it right, and keep it clean - but no matter what you do to it - your flesh and bones will not be accompanying the Soul into any other part of Consciousness. This is the body's origin and ending, but the Soul will continue on - as it has always done - as it will always be.

JB Lewis

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