Monday, July 29, 2013

"... As Soon As Fish Can Fly"

DNA is really something. DNA contains every single element and characteristic of every living creature that has ever lived or ever will live. 

Is that a shocker? Let me expand a bit. For example, you look like a human because every code contained within the DNA strand that makes you appear human has been activated. You do not have a tail because none of the countless tail codes have been turned on for you inside of your DNA Helix. But if any one of them turns on, you will grow a tail. I know you must think I have lost my mind. But maybe this will help you understand better. Have a looksie at this:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - that is a fish with wings. Its scientific name is Exocoetidae. This is what the process of evolution does - at some point this species of fish had to develop a method of escaping their predators, so over an unknown amount of time, fins morphed into wings. Not only that, but the fish learned how to instinctively use them as a bird would. How would fish know how to behave as a bird just because they have new wings. That is because, along with the DNA information on how to grow the new addition; there is also a built in cellular code on how to use the new modification. 

Listen to this:

Every conceivable way that a living organism can fly is already programmed into the DNA that exists within All of us - every possible way that living creatures can be enhanced has existed as DNA code since the inception of it - that is, since the birth of the Universe. DNA does not modify - DNA does not change. Sometimes mutations occur, but these mutations are harmless. Parts of it simply turn on or turn off according to what each being needs in order to progress. In the case of the flying fish, they developed wings, and then figured out how to propel along in an airborne state while swishing the tips of their tails along the surface of the water - sort of like a boat paddle. Their flight time has been recorded - they can remain airborne for around 45 seconds. That's 45 seconds without the oxygen from the water, while doing a very aerobic function.

Notice the rear stabilizing fins/wings that have manifested. Just like a bird. It wouldn't surprise me if these fish evolved completely into birds over time. 

Now consider this - if the tiny brain of a fish can somehow activate another area of DNA in order to become what they needed to be, imagine what you, a human with an 8 pound brain, can do. Scientists do not know what kind of conscious awareness fish have, and some may say that they do not have any. But they obviously have enough awareness to know they needed to improve their bodies in order to survive.

Of course, some may say that nature took care of that for them. I would say that is true - think about it - what exactly IS nature? Nature is just another way to describe the Energy Field that we are all a part of, and that we all live in. It is the same unseen Conscious Energy that takes care of us as well as the animals. Look at what this unseen Energy does for the animals of the world - can you even begin to imagine what this Energy Consciousness can do for you? 

Naturally, we will never be able to see if a fish that is in trouble from a predator, kneels down on the ocean floor to pray for wings so they can fly far, far away. However, I am willing to wager a prayer session never happened. Still, what they needed to survive was given. Don't you suppose that everything you need to survive your troubles is just as easily given to you?

You have a powerful mind. Your mind is at least as powerful as a fish, and if a fish can pull this off, most definitely, you can too. If you wanted wings, all you would have to do is think of it with your enormous brain, and have absolutely no doubt that it will be so; and your body, which only knows how to turn thought into function, will activate that part of the DNA Helix that has the appropriate wings for your body, and grow them for you.

How long would a transformation like this take? That is completely up to your brain and what it is willing to accept as truth. A fish does not know how to doubt. A fish does not realize that it will not be taken care of. Sure, a fish may get eaten since that is they way of Creation. But that is how Creation feeds Itself so that it can continue creating; for Creation knows that nothing is ultimately lost through this recycling/feeding method. Obviously, this species of fish are important to the overall life cycle of the Earth and its inhabitants, so the group as a whole have been preserved by the nature that surrounds them. Unlike dinosaurs who obviously no longer served a purpose for the benefit of all living things, so their portion of DNA was deactivated. How was it deactivated, and how long did that take? Probably not very long overall.

And I seriously doubt that a giant meteor destroyed the dinosaurs. There is no proof of that, yet scientists speak of it as though it is fact. This is only because no one has yet to determine what exactly took place all those years ago. I know large impact craters have been found, but that is not evident of a mass extinction. Let's not close the book on the power of DNA to select and de-select how things progress here on Earth just yet. Since none of us have any data on the matter first hand, or even second or third hand, it is irresponsible to declare something closed. I am personally always willing to explore outside of the proverbial box.

Let me tell you this:

You are still among this race of humans, because like the flying fish, you serve a purpose that is valuable to the Whole of human and Spiritual life. If not, you would not be here. And while you are here, you have the power to create your body and life any way you can imagine it. The only limit to this is how little you believe in your own power of thought. All you need is an imagination without doubt, disbelief, or fear.

Do you have cancer? You can cure it. Are you paralyzed? You can walk again. Do you have HIV? You can erase it. The only reason you haven't is because someone, somewhere has told you that you cannot ... and you have believed them. Remember, your brain was not born with the knowledge of what you Cannot Do. It was created with endless potential. Your Soul is magnificent; therefore, you were given a body and brain of equal magnificence to compliment your Soul. You were born to fly, so to speak; and equipped to do so. So why haven't you? 

     Your body was created to carry out whatever the brain puts into it. If your body isn't doing something that you want - then you need to re-envision it in a way that the brain can understand it as truth. Then, remove all doubt - be calm because you know there is no possible way that your intentions will not become reality. 

Do you believe that flying fish are real? Don't try to figure out how they are real, simply know that they are. Do this same thing for your life. Do not try to figure out why things are the way they are for you now. Let all of that go. Merely know that the new things you want are all but in your hands.

JB Lewis

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