Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Is It To Live In Consciousness?

What is it to Live In Consciousness? What do I mean by that?
Conscious living is living on purpose, with a purpose, and not as a rudimentary drone, operating out of habit, or implanted programming.

It is a way of thinking that shows the Human Brain how to be fulfilled by the Spiritual Mind, and then function together in a naturally harmonic symbiosis. In simplest terms, it is the most complete way you can live in human form.
Some people may wonder how in the world they are supposed to begin this mental and spiritual transformation. Well, it all really comes down to one thing.

Change what you believe, and the change will be Unbelievable.

So, let's start this way. I am going to Implant some New data into your mental system now. Ready?

I Am Talking To The Brain Now:

Dear Brain,
You cannot ignore your Source any longer. It is okay to let go and accept what your Spirit is telling you. The Soul, which gives you life, is your most trusted ally and will never mislead you. Release the confusion, uncertainty and doubt. As you, the brain, receive this input from what the eyes are sending you right now, know that it is something your Source wants you to have; that is why you are reading it. You must organize yourself and put everything in its proper perspective. You do not have a choice in this; the Soul requires it of you. The Soul has given you this information because the subtle ways of communication the Soul has used before have been blocked due to circumstances that originated beyond your control. Now you are free. It is safe to open up and become one with your Source.

(from Living In Consciousness)
JB Lewis

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