Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Key To The Mind ...

It’s easy to falsely validate fears if you use the same literature for validation that introduced the fear to you in the first place. To investigate the things you question by that method will always yield the same result, making things seem true, no matter how the data is spun. The only way to find out if something metaphysical or spiritual is true would be to question it through meditation. The only way to visit a non-physical realm, while using a physical body, is through the mind, via a deep sleep state, coma, or near-death-experience, or meditation where the conscious mind is relaxed enough not to reject new intuitions. It will be during the meditative state that the subconscious can apply new data, since the cognitive areas of the conscious mind that have been trained to reject such information, will be subdued or even paralyzed, temporarily. 

If you are new to meditation, it is not a magic trick or witch doctor voodoo. It is a non-invasive, peaceful way to put your thinking mind to sleep, while continuing to be aware of your surroundings. The subconscious part of your mind is where all of your core beliefs are retained. The conscious part of your mind is where those core beliefs are processed and put into practice. The subconscious mind is simply a storehouse; it does not decide what data will be kept there. It simply retains. The conscious mind is the guardian of the subconscious and rejects or accepts new data based off of the information already stored in the subconscious.

That is why religious beliefs are so hard to shake or disbelieve as an adult. Those stories, whether of Heaven or Hell, were embedded in most of us as children when our subconscious minds were fresh, containing no previous data on the subject of religion. We accepted it because the conscious mind already had a few things programmed. First, we trusted the ones unconditionally that gave us the information, and we had no other data to compare what we were being told to. 

We had no reason not to believe it. But as adults, when we are given new data that the conscious mind determines is a contradiction to the current data stored in the subconscious, the data is rejected as false. The only way to reprogram your subconscious is to circumvent the conscious, since the conscious mind only knows what is given it from some other source.

Let me remind you – the conscious brain does not create new thought. It is a processor. The conscious brain formulates, calculates, processes, re-processes, re-directs and evaluates all new data against stored data. However, the conscious mind does not store information; it only processes. Hence, whatever is retained in the subconscious is what you will believe. That is why no matter what an adult is told, and no matter how convincing the evidence is, they will not believe it unless it does not clash with current standards of belief.

So, in order to learn to control your mental processes, it helps to know where all new spiritual data comes from; and that is the Soul. The Soul feeds everything you will ever need to know straight through your mind and into the subconscious. Your Soul has the override key to bypass the conscious guardian, and the conscious mind is none the wiser. The conscious then pulls the new data from the storehouse as if it has always been there and considers it true.

At that point, you can hear a spiritual speaker, see a book about the Soul, or even have someone tell you that Hell isn’t real, and your conscious mind will be accepting of it. The only clash will be that there is still the older data that was planted there when you were a child that contradicts the new data. This confuses the conscious mind because of the conflict, but because your Soul personally implanted the new data, it too is trusted, making your journey to explore and expand your mind even that much easier; which was the plan of your Soul all along, once more revealing that the Soul is in charge and can always have its way. Why do you think you are reading this now?

Now you may ask how one erases the original data if you do not want it in your storehouse any longer. Think of it in terms of a hard drive in a computer. The best way to overwrite old material is to continuously record new material over it. Do this again and again until the old stuff is a distant memory. Overwrite it until it no longer feels true for you. You will not have to force the overwrite, because when the Soul is making a change, all of the new material you need for the process will automatically pour through you.

You will notice the same happenings will continue to arrive on the scene in your life. A song with a specific message will be everywhere, or television shows will be covering a certain topic that will seem to come out of nowhere. Or perhaps, people will come into your life with all of the tools you need to accomplish that one thing that keeps popping up. An unaware mind will believe these happenings to be coincidence; this will be the case until the realization comes that there are no coincidences, and that your life is happening very much on purpose.

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