Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Conscious Training ...

How hard would it be to face a foreclosure on your home? Your spouse is worried sick about what will happen while you try to shield your children from what is really going on. How stressing is it to not bring in enough money to get caught up, because your job falls short or you are unemployed? 

It seems impossible to close your eyes and feel absolutely at peace about the entire calamity, doesn't it. And once you've engaged the roller-coaster of emotion that comes with those circumstances, and ridden that wave for months, it feels impossible to simply shut down the emotional peril and believe everything will be just fine somehow.

Perhaps you feel you just can't sit around and be at peace while your life falls apart.

But how far have you gotten living the way I have just described? Do you feel like your mind cannot stand one more piece of bad news? Can you literally feel the cancer cells of worry germinating somewhere within your body? Has worrying added one single support beam to the already crumbling structure of your existence?

The same can be said about any other conceivable circumstance; wrecking your car, the death of a loved one, or even just feeling depressed and not knowing why. These things well up inside of you without a remedy because your mind does not know how to process things as they really are. It may not have been given data on how to respond to these types of outcomes, so the brain remedies them as crises and becomes confused and panicked. 

REMEMBER: The mind only Knows what it has accepted as Truth.

Your mind is working off of the limited data that it has been using for years. Your mind, because of training, actually does not understand that the world it perceives is nothing more than an abstract reaction to what we have put into it. It does not know how to process world events in an abstract way. When cornered, or without sufficient data, the mind will process worldly events in your life as a direct attack, and go into fight or flight mode. That is, it struggles, hastily recalling anything it can from its past deliberations on how to solve the problem at hand. When all on-board resources are exhausted, the mind fatigues, and sometimes gives up.

But listen to this:

There will come a time during your crisis that you will realize that you simply are unable to produce the effect desired to make your life better. You will feel like an empty gas tank, running on fumes. This result is not because you are unqualified, or not intelligent enough to do it. It is not because you didn't work hard enough, or that you wronged someone in a previous life, and are now reaping bad karma. It is because you have taken life too personally, and as a result, skewed your perception of it.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever played a video game with multiple levels, only to get near the completion and fail? Did you become agitated, angry or frustrated because you have to start the level all over again, until at some point, a friend who has already played the game and won had to help you pass the level?
Your friend has already understood how to process the events and circumstances of the game that are being thrown their way. Well, life is like that – once you teach your conscious mind how to react to what comes its way, life will feel like it is no big deal. Everything will seem achievable, even in the midst of turmoil.

Understand that everything that has happened in your life was completely constructed by you. The things you've accumulated and the towers you've built are just inanimate objects. They are made of millions of pieces of wood, brick, steel or plastic. These things have no opinions. They have no ideas. They do not become angry or happy. They Do Not Have Minds. They are not out to get you. Your diamonds do not care if you toss them into the garbage, and your house will not be aware if you rip it to the ground.

These things seem obvious, but when life is falling down, visions become blurry. To shrink these monstrous problems back down to size, you must believe that your home, job, possessions and status mean absolutely nothing. You have to treat everything that is collapsing onto your head as an "easy come, easy go" situation. Yes, it all has to mean that little to you. Do not let your ego tell you that you've worked hard for all you have and that you are going to hold onto to it with all of the strength you can muster.

"How can I get to this point?" you may ask. I shall tell you. If you wish to place your mind in this frame of thinking quickly, imagine that you are only a few minutes from your death. That's right. Pretend that I just told you that you will die in the next five minutes. With this new knowledge, picture the things that really mean the most to you. Is it truly your house? Your car? The money you wish you had? Your prestige in the community?

You know you cannot take anything from your current life with you into the coffin, or the crematory. You will absolutely go your last mile with exactly what you arrived with - yourself. So why hold on so dearly to anything you’ve acquired? Are you leaving it all to your children? Are you attempting to create a legacy so you can be remembered?

Believe me, those who care enough to remember you, will. Your children will be their own adults and make their own way because they came to this physical world through you to experience their own choices. Your family is not unable to acquire their own things, so what are you doing?

I promise that if you lose all of your possessions, you will not die. If all that you think you are vanished before your very eyes, you will survive. That alone tells you that the things that are tearing your mind and heart apart right now are harmless artifacts. They are only as overwhelming as you allow them to be, because they have no power of their own. 

The secret is - you must find a way to let these things go. You must decide that they are worthless and suddenly you will not mind if they are absent from your life. You must absolutely be one hundred percent okay with having nothing; but in the process of not needing anything, you will find even more. This is not just a great perception, it is true. Teach your conscious mind that you do not care about possessions. Make your brain understand that you do not love material items, and that you were thinking of starting fresh anyway. Until you can walk away from the disaster that you created, and accept that you created it, you will be trapped under it.

“It isn’t my fault the economy failed,” you say. But it is your fault that you went to work in a field that was affected by the failing economy. No one forced you at gun point to work in that marketplace. Every choice you have made has put you here. The issue isn’t whether you could have foreseen an economic fluster in the beginning of your career. The issue is can you accept responsibility for all of the choices, for all of your life, from the very beginning that led to the outcomes you see before you now? You could have chosen something else all those years ago, and been virtually immune to Wall Street’s impositions.

Here is what you do now:

If recovering what you have built thus far is unrecoverable, let it go. It is important to understand that letting it go, and being okay with that decision, will open up new doors. When you let it go, and do not want to have a panic heart-attack, you must believe that everything will benefit you somehow. You may be blind to what is around the corner for you and your family, but when you feel as peaceful about the unknowing as you did when you thought you knew everything, you will have unleashed your power.

Do not allow your mind to feed on doubts. Remember that your mind is working with what it does not know, so it will naturally be doubtful. Your peace of mind has to come from another place – your Soul. Tell yourself that everything you need will arrive – be at peace with telling yourself that – and then mentally let it go.

Take in a deep breath. You are almost there.

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