Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Be You ...

It is alright if you don't yet know what your purpose in life is, because your Soul does. This knowledge of the Soul is kept from the physical mind so that the experiences to be had remain unfiltered by the uncertainty and fear that has been built into the mind.

There is nothing that the Soul does not know; it is not subject to the limited view of the body - but this news is not shared with your physical brain because the purity of the experiences would change.

Even though your mind is left in the dark, do not worry. There is nothing you need to pursue in order to figure out what your purpose is. Life will pursue you, if you allow it.

May I remind you that you absolutely cannot stop life from happening. Even if you sit on a couch in complete ignorance of the world around you, life will still come for you. Just because your brain is unaware of a purpose, does not mean the world is void of you.

The best thing you can do in this unaware moment is to simply be yourself. That is, whoever you feel that you are at your core, just keep being that. I don't mean you should keep being a student, a lawyer or a housewife. Those are just titles. Who you are is what you feel when you take all of the descriptions away. Be That!

And keep being that because life is coming for you. It always has been and always will be.

Trust me, your Spirit knows precisely what it is doing, although your physical mind does not. If you trust nothing else, trust that your Spirit is taking you right where your next, grandest experience will be. After all, if you can't trust you - who can you trust?

- JB Lewis

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