Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fear and Illness Are Best Friends

There are a lot of fears running through the idea of getting sick, injured, dying or losing someone in the family to one of those aspects. Thinking of illness or anything opposite of well being on a continual basis can literally destroy your body; this is because the mind is hard-wired from birth to put function to the information that is going through it. The mind comes pre-programmed by DNA to run and control particular parts of the body. The primary area is called the Limbic System (or Emotion Nervous System).

Let us focus in on the area of the brain known as the hypothalamus. It is one of the busiest parts of the brain. It balances the body and is responsible for regulating hunger, thirst, pain level responses, pleasure, sexual satisfaction, anger, aggressive behavior and plenty more. These areas had to come “installed from the factory” so to speak, so that the body could function rudimentarily as soon as it was born.

The hypothalamus does not come pre-programmed with illness, worries of illness, stress, panic, fear or self-loathing. Of course, the hypothalamus can regulate those things once they are added as a thought program by an outside source; but those principles are not inherent. With that in mind, you can see that the brain gives the body the precise instructions and tools it needs to survive and thrive. Only outside sources give the body what it needs to fail. The body will do exactly what the brain tells it to do. The brain will command only what it knows, as the body will carry out what is commanded of it. 

Once the mind learns of fear, the hypothalamus will try to regulate it into the body as a function to perform; except the body was not ever intended to regulate fear. But it tries the best that it can, and since the body is a vessel that is able to evolve somewhat, it does a pretty good job. However, the body will usually interpret the various levels of fear with various levels of physical responses. Remember that fear comes in all shapes and sizes; such as anxiety, stress, panic or others. Fear can cause hives, shingles, rashes, forgetfulness or many other physical conditions. Just a note, the hippocampus (where short term memory is processed into long term memory), is super close in proximity to the hypothalamus. It isn’t unreasonable to believe one could affect the other.
Look at the hypothalamus a little more deeply:
The hypothalamus receives inputs from a number of sources.
1.  From the vagus nerve, it gets information about blood pressure and the distension of the gut (that is, how full your stomach is).
2.  From the reticular formation in the brainstem, it gets information about skin temperature. 
3.  From the optic nerve, it gets information about light and darkness. 
4.  From unusual neurons lining the ventricles, it gets information about the contents of the cerebrospinal fluid, including toxins that lead to vomiting. 
5.  And from the other parts of the limbic system and the olfactory (smell) nerves, it gets information that helps regulate eating and sexuality. 

The hypothalamus also has some receptors of its own, that provide information about ion balance and temperature of the blood.  
Now this is not a biology lesson, but as you can see, these indigenous platforms in the brain control nearly everything you experience every moment of your life. So if you make any modifications to the cellular memory of the brain, which is where these DNA programs are stored, the brain will naturally include the new additions in its daily routine because the brain believes the new ideas are supposed to be there.

The Body WILL Respond.

The body doesn’t recognize the difference between a good thought implant or a bad one. The body just executes the impulse from the brain that is sent to it. You see, in the beginning of your life, the mental programming was benign. You did not arrive on Earth with anything in your mind that works against you. These things are added later. If a baby was isolated and given only what it needed to survive, the brain would stay at its most basic, survival level until the end of its life. The brain would, in fact, shut down other areas of itself that were never stimulated. Thus, illustrating further that the brain does not produce new thoughts of its own volition; it cannot. It was never designed to. It receives and commands.
That is why thinking about, or inundating yourself with hostile, troubling, confusing, or fearful thoughts will only lead to undesirable outcomes from within the body. Cancer is the result of a body trying its best to formulate a response to what it has been given from the brain. The body was not designed to produce an outcome for fear on a long term basis, so cancer is often what arrives from the continual input of fear or its sub-parts. 

Keep in mind that cancer does not manifest overnight. Your brain is presented with fear over a length of time – sometimes a lifetime; so the brain in return gives it to the body as a function to perform, all the while, the hypothalamus is constantly attempting to return the body to homeostasis; that is a default state of balance.
Cancer cells are fought off by the body every day and the body is a champ at fighting; but even the body can wear down because chances are, if you are treating your brain in such a terrible way, you are probably treating your body in a similar way.

Along with feeding your mind the best possible thoughts, you must also feed your body the best possible foods so that it can have precisely what it needs to keep your body in balance. Just as bad thoughts confuse the mind, bad foods confuse the body’s natural state of balance.

To say it simply:
Cancer is a body-wide state of confusion.

- JB Lewis

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