Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Need To Fight Against Violence

I hardly watch the news, but when I do, there is usually some tragedy happening, like a bombing of children, or the genocide of a race of people. Whenever the media interviews witnesses, they always speak of how they just don’t understand why such things have to happen. Their human minds simply cannot fathom the purpose behind it all. That is because they have not yet begun to live through the consciousness of the Spirit; they are still only postulating their world with the limited data that has been planted in their physical mind. My daughter mentioned to me that two kids she met wanted to start a chain letter advocating World Peace. But as I considered the state of the world, I could see that fighting for peace would not yield peace.

The reason is this:

We do not have world peace because people do not actually want it. If they did, we would have it. As a population, we can have whatever we wish. There is no one to stop us if we truly desired peace. If violent leaders announced they would be peaceful and not start wars from now on, which people would rise up and say, "We will not let you be peaceful!" No one would. We are not forced to be violent, we choose to be. After all, we create destruction and there is no one stopping that.
This is our world; we are a global community and no one Lords over us from the moon making us behave certain ways; it is us alone. Sure, there are those that want peace; however, a peaceful person cannot force someone who wants war, chaos and violence to act otherwise. If we "force" someone to do something then we are no longer peaceful, we are forceful. If we fight against those who are already fighting, that just puts the entire world at war.
So what can you do if you are angry or bothered about the unrest and violence of the globe? 

First, let us look at these marvelous words:
"You don't Have a Soul.
You Are a Soul.
You Have a body."
- C.S. Lewis

So, knowing that all of us are first Souls, we know that we are divine and perfect in our nature, and that the things we do with our bodies do not reflect who we really are. Even the most insane, obscene or violent things we do, are just experiences we, as souls, want to accomplish. To accept this idea, you first have to believe that your Soul can see the outcome to every choice it makes in advance, because nothing is invisible or unknown to the Soul; which rules out anything happening by mistake, accident, happenstance or luck.
That means that, all things that violent people do, are done because they wanted the outcome of it, and nothing a peaceful person does can change that. There is no possible way to thwart the will of another Soul. Naturally, peaceful people can lock up violent people in an attempt to control them, and that makes peace lovers feel better. But even that hasn't overthrown the will of the violent person, for the Spirit that is directing its body to do violent things could already see that the outcome would be imprisonment. The Soul was not taken by surprise. Being locked up or put to death as a result of its actions was an outcome that the Soul accepted when it first decided to do violent things with its body.
Remember, the human mind only knows what it is given by the Spirit. The body is a slave to the Spirit. You know this is true because, when the Soul relinquishes the body, the body cannot decide to get up and continue to live. The body cannot make a decision to leave the morgue and go buy a car. The body responds solely to the Spirit's demands. The body and human mind are the tools the Spirit uses to create experience. The body is temporary and turns to dust, therefore cannot be judged for its part in the experiences. The Soul is a Divine being of Light; and since light cannot separate from itself, and was created by the Source of All Light, judgment of the light cannot occur, lest the Creator judges Itself.
In essence, then, protesting against violence is not necessary. You should only engage in a fight against something if it is an experience you wish to have, having already let go of the outcome. Just keep in mind that we are all having our own experiences for our own reasons, and you cannot force your beliefs or desires upon others. And know that everything that is happening, no matter how much it offends, hurts, scares, angers, or destroys you - it is all happening perfectly.

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