Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Part of Your Soul Do You Want To Experience Next?

The most important thing for you to realize is that your tissues truly are mirrors to your thoughts. Nothing about your body will judge the things that the soul will make it do. Your arm will never get mad if the soul desires to experience itself committing a crime. Your feet will never scream at you for dipping them into freezing cold water. The body only knows how to react to what it is given and then to produce a response. The secret to having your soul live in harmony with its body is to change the thought vibrations that permeate it. The soul will never send harsh vibes through your skin; it cannot because the soul does not think harshly. All of those frequencies come from the human mind. Let me say it this way; the soul knows that it is invincible and cannot be injured by anything it wants to experience, so every choice it makes it does so without fear and hesitation. It is only the human mind that produces hesitation and fear based on how it has been trained to respond.
This is why the Universe is perfect – never is there a thought produced within it that is contrary to the way it naturally works. It is always in harmony with its own nature. I know, I know. How can the Universe generate thoughts? What is it that you think the Universe is? It is more than a conglomerate of planets; it is a vibrating, pulsating organism that is full of life. We can believe it is alive because nothing dead can create life, and all life has been created INSIDE of this Universe.
Maybe it would be more helpful if I referred to the Universe as the Soul of all things since that is closer to the truth. The word universe is rather scientific and vast, but soul is something you can relate to better because that is who you are and the soul can always recognize itself.
The truth is the soul is free to choose any reality it wishes and there is no retribution for choosing something else that is seemingly self-serving, or that goes against even the oldest of church doctrines. You can turn your consciousness away from all that is ripping your mind and your body apart. I am not advocating turning away from one particular action over another; only you can decide what you need to turn from to find peace and to reveal the part of your soul that you want to experience next. But when another reality is chosen out of love and full knowing that it is your soul that is leading you, there will be no resistance. There will be nothing to be afraid of.
If you feel fear when you think about choosing another reality, then know that it is your human brain attempting to postulate the possible outcomes and risks of the new choices. It does this based only off what it currently knows; and it doesn’t know much. It cannot see the completed reality of all the possible choices like the soul can, so the mind generates fear – the fear of the unknown. The fear is never the devil trying to trick you, and it is never God trying to test you, since God knows the outcome of all humanity anyway – a test to see what you would choose would be pointless.

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