Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finding Your Soul...

Ask yourself, what is a soul? How do you see the energy that powers your body? Your brain has already been given detailed ideas about the soul from those who raised you – but now you must put that vision aside and let the soul tell you for Itself what it is. But now you are going to say, you have no idea how to listen to the soul. What does the soul sound like when it speaks? What does it feel like when it moves through you? How can I tell the difference between my imagination and the truth?

Meditation is the key. Our minds are bombarded with our daily lives. It is processing, non-stop, our jobs, our relationships, our futures, our pasts. And then, to get a moment of peace, you put on your headphones and listen to non-stop music, believing that you are clearing your mind. But you are not. You cannot listen to your soul if your ears are full of other things. You cannot feel your soul if your mind is planning your future, recapping your past or living in the moment. You have to give your mind absolutely nothing to do.

Believe me; your mind will not understand this new solitude you are trying to incorporate into its routine. The brain will tell you, go to the internet and check your mail. Or it will remind you that you were going to look up something. But twenty-thousand clicks later, you will have become so absorbed into what you’re doing that you will not have accomplished anything.  You must learn to meditate. Meditation is not a new age or Buddhist way of being. Even the Bible suggests meditation, in so many words.

Meditation is simply the best way to shut your primary thinking processes down while remaining conscious about it. In meditation, you are simply removing all of the duties and chores that you had previously given to your brain. This new way of controlling your mental state may take some practice if you have never tried it; or if you are an aggressive person, or type A personality.

Type A personalities tend to be competitive and critical towards themselves. They are imbalanced by stress and their inability to set it aside. Type A’s are usually workaholics and very easily wound-up and tend to overreact. This usually leads to high blood pressure, so finding a way to be still and meditate may cause them even more stress.

But there is a way, and it is going to involve your imagination. Since you know that you have a job, a life, bills, relationships and other things that may be considered problems in your life – you are going to have to pretend it away.

Try This:

Find a place, any place that will bring you joy, peace and happiness. It can be indoors or outdoors. It would be good to leave behind any electronic devices. When you have entered your sacred space, find a seat and get comfortable. Pick a thought that is still, like a meadow with some gently swaying tall grass or a soft wind tickling the leaves on the branches of a lone tree in the middle of a prairie. Something that isn’t busy; your mind has been busy enough and we want to give it just the bare minimum to process. Breathe deeply and slowly. Do not rush anything. If you find your mind is wandering on your life’s events, instantly change it to your chosen steady image, or of something you love; maybe the still, smiling faces of your children as they look lovingly at you in slow motion.

After you are able to still your mind with your beautiful thoughts, you will then want to begin putting even those thoughts to bed. Now you are just clear. You are breathing deeply, thinking only of the long, slow breath going in; and the long, slow breath going out. Imagine each inhale is life’s purest elements filling your body, saturating you. Then imagine that each exhale is everything that is weighing you down, leaving your body and going out into the ether.

When you get to this point, make sure your eyes are closed and that you are feeling peace. Then, with your imagination, visualize your own energy – your soul. To make it simple, just imagine your soul is a life-sized, white light version of your physical body. It looks just like you, only it is made of the purest of white light. Visualize your white light soul sitting directly across from you, filled with love for the body. The soul smiles and reaches out for you, and in your mind, you reach out for the soul.

As you touch each other, you feel electrified with love, as you can feel it pass through your skin like a static charge. You are still breathing, but much smoother now and you are not paying as much attention to it. You now visualize the soul moving over to your body and sitting on your lap, facing the same direction. The white soul of energy then moves into the body and fills it to capacity. As you breathe in, you absorb all of the soul into your very being and you start to glow white.

This much love passing through your tissues makes you smile and makes you open your eyes. As you look around, you see the world anew, unlike ever before. Imagine now that you have just arrived on Earth and you cannot wait to see what adventures you can bring into your experience first. You are excited to return home and to your life because you now know that everything will look different; better and fresh.

Every time you begin to feel stressed, rushed, bombarded, inundated or overwhelmed, go to this sacred place. If you cannot get to the actual place, go to a quiet location and go there in your mind and meditate until you are refreshed. Know that the soul loves the body, your personality and all of your quirks, even if you feel no one else does. And when you love you, everyone else will want to love you too.

- Justin Lewis

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