Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Open Yourself To The Messages of God

There is a way to know things about the Cosmos that others will find impossible to grasp. First, know that a mind full of doubt and hesitation will never see all of the wonders you are designed to see. All doubt must be removed; that means ALL doubt, no matter what the topic is. When all doubt regarding your life and Spirit is gone, fear will also leave since fear is the creator of doubt.
You may then wonder, if you lose doubt, what thought will replace it. You will replace it with All Knowing. 

But how can you suddenly Know everything?  This is not the same as having your brain contain all knowledge at once. This knowing happens from having an absolute trust of yourself. With absolute trust, you are opening your physical mind to every bit of data that exists in the Universe. Trusting yourself completely means that no matter what intuition you receive or what message you feel pass through your consciousness, you will trust it with all that you are; you will then know that your spirit will never lie to or misguide you. You will trust your own mind and the thoughts that pass through it more than you trust your spouse, children and closest confidant. This is the mind set you must have to be in an All Knowing state of being.

This unrestricted, unconditional trust of yourself will allow you to see what you have never seen before because you will have removed the fear and doubt filters. You will know things that you could only describe as God sent. You will not require outside, physical proof because things will be revealed to you in a way that leaves no further questions.

You will try your best to convey your New messages to others but they will not believe you; primarily because they have not yet let go of their doubt and fear of what they still consider to be the unknown.

How do you shed your doubt and fear?

The simplest way is to let go of all outcomes. Let go of your debt worries. Let go of your job or school worries. Release yourself absolutely from the need to know how any one event will turn out; let it be and trust everything that is happening in your life right now will benefit you somehow. You do not have to see the ending to know you will be fine. Every event will have an outcome, but know this - the outcome will be neutral. It will be neither good nor bad. It will be you that interprets the outcome as good or bad. The occurring event is not "out to get you" so let it go and accept it.
Let go of all religious outcomes of Heaven and Hell and everything you think you know about God. 

Start from scratch. 

Do not worry, your previous conceptions of Heaven, Hell and God will still be available to you should you desire to re-infect your mind with it. When you can let go of what you currently hold as truth, and Be Completely Okay with letting it go, and not fearing any punishment from God as an outcome, will you truly be able to see all of the glorious things that await you. 

(excerpt from Living In Consciousness)
JB Lewis

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