Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Community of All That IS

I can remember being told throughout my life that in order to be accepted by God, I had to first accept the son of God, which is taught to be Jesus. In religion, Jesus is the only known son of God. But in spirituality, we know that everyone is a son and a daughter of God. Not because God is a man and impregnated, by supernatural means, a plethora of virgins, but because there is but One Supra Consciousness that delegates levels of itself into subordinate consciousnesses for the purpose of self discovery.
The paradox of saying that God is the sons and daughters of Itself, makes sense because God is all there is; or in other words, God is One Spirit with many levels of awareness about itself as a whole, so that every point of view can be achieved from a seemingly outside perspective.
Every level of knowing is represented in the whole of God. This is true even with those who do not believe in God at all. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with not believing in God or a Creator. There is no punishment in this. The non-believer will still end up, after separating from the body, in the same place the most devout Christian or other believer will end up. This is because we are already in the place we will end up, as I talked about earlier.
The belief in God or not is irrelevant to everything. In fact, it is the non-believer in traditional religion or the atheist that is closer to the truth, for God is not the God the vast majority believes it to be. Of course, to proclaim that there is no Creator is unreasonable since even a non-believer can see that something exists. They know this because they are standing on the Earth; they are using a body; they can see that things are created. They just have no idea who or what created it so they resort to absurdity.
However, they are correct when they say that the current illustrated version of God does not exist. Let me just say first that we can create whatever portrait of God we wish and it will not matter. Spirit will continue to be Spirit no matter what we consider it to be, but to claim it as the ultimate truth and then persecute others for not believing in your truth, extremely limits ones consciousness.
There is no one person that is God. God is simply an idea that describes a much larger conception. People call the name of God and instantly think of a person, since all of us have names that describe us. And since we all appear to be individual, and since someone told us that we were created in the image of God, whenever someone says the word God, the mind believes it to be the representation of the single, most powerful being that ever dug a canyon, filled an ocean or painted a sky blue.
But in reality, the word God falls short of just how grand everything we cannot see really is. It would actually be more accurate to say that God is more closely related to a community, rather than a single being. God, to put it as simply as possible, is comprised of everything that has ever existed and that ever will exist. And it all exists right now, as a community, operating together in perfect synchronicity.
As far as a name for the Creator goes, it could be changed to Jim, or Bob, or Francine, or Jennifer. The name absolutely does not matter, and it absolutely does not describe things as they really are. That is why the best vernacular to speak of God is – I Am That I Am.

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