Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who Are You

I know you believe you are in there. You believe that some part of you that everyone calls the soul or spirit is dwelling within your body shell. Am I right? Do you think that your soul “leaves” your body and flies away after death? I know more of you believe this than do not; and it is believed so much that you would wager money against me on this. You can feel yourself as a being; you can sense that there is a soul in you. Your body feels like you. But in reality, your soul is not confined within the structure of your tissues. To believe that a spirit, soul or energy can be contained within a specific dimension, like a bird in a cage, shows that you are still thinking of limitation, and energy cannot be contained.
Even the energy of those towering power lines that loom overhead in our local cities and carry electricity to far off places is not contained within the cable; it cannot be. All that the cable is doing is channeling the energy. Energy is actually radiating outward from the line and passing in and out and through the line as it travels along. That is the same with all of us; our spiritual energy is radiating outward from us, all the while, passing in and out and through us, from one dimension to another. You cannot be restricted. You are not just on earth, you are everywhere at once. 

Your feet feel grounded to the Earth by means of gravity so you believe this place is where you are. But the sensation of being attached to the ground is just one of a trillion experiences the soul is trying to pull through that body of yours. 

There is but one heartbeat in the Universe, and this heartbeat is moving through your body with every breath.

If a line worker goes up the tower and cuts the line, the energy does not stop flowing; it simply ceases to be channeled and goes out into everywhere. And since energy has no specific form, it does not retain the shape of the cable it was traveling with. It merely continues to be itself – to be what it is in its truest sense. This is the same as you and I. Once we decide, for whatever reason, that we are finished with the body, our energy will continue to be its truest self; it just won’t be channeled by the body any longer.

After “death” you will still understand who you are, but your understanding will be more complete since there will be no filters, such as the human brain, to cloud your understanding. However, if you desire, you can have a broader understanding of your true self right now, while you are still physical. You do not have to separate from your body to see and live your brilliance and you do not have to be a spiritual guru to consciously change your choices. Simply start living spiritually conscious. That means to know you are a soul and only a soul. You have only ever been a soul. You did not change into a body; you use the body that an already existing male and female body made. That is what is meant when people say, “Your children didn’t come from you - they came through you. And when I use the description, you, I am referring to your soul, because that is who you are.

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