Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Are Love

You are a being of love. There is nothing about you that is less than love. Your body does not matter. Bodies come and go but love remains forever.

Religion does not work because it picks and chooses sides; who is accepted by God and who is not. Who are the chosen ones and who will be left behind. This type of thinking is a human ego mind set and not the thinking of a God that knows the outcome of all things.

God is formless and every time someone assigns a form to God, a limitation is placed upon it - and God is limitless.

Imagine yourself without a body right now. Close your eyes and pretend you have just died. You are with your body but not of your body. Without your body, there is no form for you. You go out in all directions, connected at every point to everything that exists.

Forget what you've seen in the movies, that a ghost looks just like your body. Erase preconceived notions and images that express human limitation. When your body no longer functions, all that you will have is your ability to think. This is your state of consciousness. This state of consciousness can never stop being a consciousness. Consciousness cannot be contained, or shaped. The outer edges of consciousness cannot be seen because there is no form to it. It simply IS.

You are all there is. Since there are no defined edges or ends to a state of consciousness, there are no boundaries to keep all consciousness from being interwoven together, forming a collective. You do not begin and you do not end.

What do you see of yourself when you remove your body from the equation of life? What, of who you believe yourself to be right now, is left if your body evaporated right now?

If there is nothing left of you but your consciousness, and God is a state of consciousness, what does that tell you? The only thing that is real, that lasts forever, is consciousness. Consciousness cannot separate from itself. That is how you will spend eternity in the consciousness of the Lord. That is your heaven. That is your love being expressed for eternity. That is who you really are. You are not your religion. You are not Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, or any other.

You consciousness is already aware of all things. It does not have to learn how to be conscious. Only the body can be unconscious - that is the time that the human mind is unaware of being conscious.

Delete your image of yourself from the mirror. What do you see? Are you still there? What is left of you? What part of you will be in heaven with God? How would you walk on streets of gold and live in mansions prepared for you? Is it your spirit? Spirit is consciousness. Soul is consciousness. 

You are Love and Love is nothing but Consciousness expressed. That is Who You Are. Ask your preacher who you are. Say to them, who am I? What part of me will spend eternity with the Lord? Ask your preacher to consider this deeply.

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