Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Are Not Less Than The Angels

     Do you believe you are born again? Being "born again" is only a state of mind, or thought about yourself, since you were not actually born into new flesh for a second time. Thought is just light energy that is conscious of itself, and constant at all times, making it not possible for one part of the consciousness of God to be created less than another part; as in angels being created above humans.  Your awareness level of what you are willing to accept as Truth, dictates the Greater Than, Less Than paradigm. 

     The self-resurrection idea of being saved, is an illusion people set their minds on after being told of the rules of being saved. But there is no reason to be saved. From what would you be saved? You were already born complete. If you don't believe that thought is anything but energy, then explain how the process of thought works. Where is thought contained? 

     Thought is everywhere. Consciousness is everywhere. You know this because consciousness cannot be trapped and held in one particular spot. Everything begins as conscious thought and manipulates itself into another version of itself, that we call the physical. Physical things will pass away...consciousness does not. Therefore, you are a conscious being, equal to all other conscious beings. The only difference is, your individual awareness of this consciousness.

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