Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just A Thought ...

I am beginning to think people want there to

be punishment and damnation, so that the 

promise of salvation from it, feels like a

reward for all of their efforts at being 


It must seem too simple to not have anything 

to escape from.


  1. Or anything to make them feel better than others... The high horse and all.

  2. People that are fine with labeling themselves as Christian, do often feel they are entitled above everyone who reject the label. I will hear them say, I don't judge, God does. Then they turn right around and share a judgment. They feel qualified to judge because they believe God will "back them up" because of the label.

  3. They also love to slap each other on the backs. I try to be tolerant of them but I cannot lie. They make me want to cringe very often. I even have family members and friends who I often avoid. I feel guilty for doing this but I can only take so much self-righteousness and condemnation with a fake smile and friendly nod of the head. I once had a friend directly tell me, "Sophia, you're a nice person, but you're going to Hell."

    1. I have been engaged with an old English teacher of mine from way back in the 8th grade. She is a devout Christian and has been trying to tell me, in subtle ways, that I do not know what I am talking about. She actually told me, "I just don't believe I am going to see you in Heaven." Is that spoken like a true, judgmental Christian or what?