Sunday, November 10, 2013


Money cannot be the root of evil since money is an inanimate object. It does not have a consciousness and cannot make decisions. Evil is not a thing of itself; it is merely a description for a type of action or behavior. Therefore, to do (evil), a decision has to be made by an entity consciously able to do so. By this understanding, people are the only ones capable of being the root of any cause. Blaming corrupt or unfortunate happenings on rootless objects takes the responsibility of the (evil) deed from the perpetrator and leaves the circumstance un-improvable since money, or other objects, cannot learn lessons and make corrections. If people continue to believe that money has "torn" them apart, then no remedy can ever be found to change current or future outcomes until they have acknowledged that it was they that misused the money - the money did not misuse the people.

Since we are living in a money-market economy, money is the tool by which we trade one service or commodity for another and nothing more. There is no reason to avoid the making of money or to believe that money will corrupt you or turn you into someone that you are not since money is powerless except for the power we mentally give it.

Until we, the people, decide to use another type of economy to build our lives by, money will be the primary source by which material things are acquired. There is no reason to fear or despise this process; it is what it is - until it isn't.

But when we are ready to make a Divine shift in our thinking, money will no longer play a part because the value of seeing our neighbors and fellow world travelers fulfill their grandest visions will become more valuable than money ever was. We will be driven by the desire to better ourselves and all that come after us and money will not fit into that design because money is a self serving entity. That is because, the only way money can have value is if some people have it and others do not.

If everyone on the planet had an equal amount of money, then no money would be valued because there would not be the 'have and have not' paradigm. In other words, the 'haves' could not trade their money to the 'have nots' for services, thus, making all money worthless.

So really, money cannot be the answer to your prayers since money obtains all of its power from our desire to have it. And desires emanate from one place and one place only - Our Minds / (Soul). Therefore, if in your mind, you believe you need money to answer all of your prayers, then you shall not have it because you have displaced Your power into that of something that has absolutely no power.

But if you believe you are Power Itself, then everything that is required to fulfill that vision you have about yourself will come to you, including money, because money is the current tool by which power is expressed. If money did not exist, then the tool of power that was in use at the time would fall at your feet.

Remember, All Power comes from you. Not from inanimate objects. Those are simply the things we project our power onto; like a projector onto a screen. Its power is all an illusion.

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