Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where The Soul Lives

Just so you know; there are no hidden agendas or motives for your life. You can stop trying to figure it all out since everything you could ever wish to know is available to you right now.
But how does one access this bounty of information?

Do you remember the part in the bible that says, "...be still and know that I am God?" 

Well, the same is true for you. That is, you must be still, quiet and be able to not think too much, so that the most subtle of notions can be detected as they pass through you.

There is never a moment when the Soul neglects It's body, or hides data from it. It is simply that we are all too busy in our minds, most of the time, to determine what is being given to us.

Just be still and in utter calmness; allow peace to wash over you, for that is where the Soul lives; therefore, that is where the human mind must go to pay a visit.

Go there...soon.

JB Lewis

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