Friday, February 1, 2013

The Universe Just Loves Loves Loves You

The Universe is trying to pour Itself all over you. It would be even more accurate to say that it IS pouring Itself all over you - It is making every effort to soak you with prosperity and love. The Universe Never works against you. Instead it is ever flowing in a progressive movement; creating every second of our lives. The problem seems to be that we are constantly working against it with our disbelief of it.

Because of our conditioning towards religion and the effects of our environmental upbringing we are trained to believe that the things we want are out of our reach and need extraordinary measures in order to obtain them. That is just not true. If we could only hear the Universe speak it would be telling us to let go and accept all that is available.

I know you've heard of people saying, 'It was when I just let go of the outcome that I got all that I wanted.'

That is because they stopped resisting the flow of the Universe. The Universe is trying to flow through us, but with all of the barriers we've established throughout our lives, we might as well have constructed Hoover Dam all around us; at least within our minds. If you are wondering why you do not have the things that you want, all you need to do is look within your own mind. That is where the blockage is. That is the only place the blockage can exist since everything exists within our minds. Sight, Sound, Touch, Emotion, Imagination, Taste, Experiences, Memories are all taking place within the mind -

So, to break it down - the Mind of the Universe is processed through the mind of the human body for your pure pleasure. And if you are not allowing the Mind of the Universe to flow through you because of blockage you have allowed to be programmed within your mind, you will miss all that the Universe can give you. Therefore, it is time to go into yourself and reevaluate what you have been trained to believe is true and possible. No one can change this train of thought for you - only you are the master of your mind.

Here's an idea to try: Go to bed tonight and pretend to forget about all that you think you Know. Do this by imagining you are an empty vessel with a consciousness; that is to say, you are aware of who you are but imagine that you have no opinion or predetermined thoughts about anything in the world. Say to yourself, with your mental voice, that you are ready to hear all that the Universe wants to tell you. Imagine that you can hear and feel the vibrations of the invisible energy field around you. Then, picture the Universal energy running through you, like the water of a stream, starting at your head and filling every square inch of your body and then effortlessly flowing back out into the Universe around you.

This flow is a cycle that never stops - imagine that this stream has no breaks while passing through you and that it leaves behind all the power, love, passion, peace, ideas and pleasure possible as only the Universe can contain. Continually breath in and out, long and slow breaths, feeling relaxed and at peace. Do not feel hurried or anxious when in this state of mind. Act as if nothing else in the world matters during this. Remember, it isn't a process, it is a feeling.

Do this every night - you can even do this every moment of the day that it crosses your mind. You will find that your day will improve; your attitude will improve; things will not bother you as they did before.

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