Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Really Tired Soul...

JB: I am tired. I think I am all done with this whole thing.

Soul: I see.

JB: I look around and can see no reason to stay.

Soul: Your two girls. Are they a reason?

JB: I suppose. But wouldn't they truly be fine without me?

Soul: Of course they would. It is not My desire to make the brain feel trapped in this body

JB: Okay. Good. Because I have been giving it a lot of thought lately. I'm just a really tired soul.

Soul: Interesting thing to say.

JB: Why is that interesting?

Soul: Because I am the Soul to which you are referring; and I do not feel tired. But I can tell that the brain that thinks it is. JB Lewis is tired...that would be you.

JB: Jesus bleeding Christ. I...me...the body and brain feels exhausted then. Whomever I am - I am tired and I long for peace within this structure, or whatever. Give me a break! I don't feel like there is something separate from me - like a Soul. Why do I feel like the Soul if I am not?

Soul: Because you have been lied to for all of your existence. You have been told that you are all that you see, and that the Soul is something else. If you separate two rooms with a curtain, does one room suddenly not exist simply because you cannot see it? The whole of who you are has been covered by a curtain. The brain exists and the Soul exists; but this entire human experience could never take place without the two of us existing together.

JB: Right. Then if I am not really what I believe myself to be, then what is it about me that just wants to lie down and drift off into a non-returnable sleep?

Soul: You are tired because you are trying to be Me. You are trying to be a Soul. You forget your place. You are not a Soul and therefore have no place in taking on the decisions that a Soul takes on. You cannot see what I see so you have tired yourself out in your efforts to be omnipotent.

JB: What is my place?

Soul: You have the chillest job of all, if you will. You only need to do what I give you to do; and I will never give you more than you can handle. You do not need to make plans. You do not need to figure it all out. You do not need to try and create anything. You merely Need-To-Be. As a brain, you are not in control. You receive from Me as I pass My Consciousness through you. That is where the ideas that you think you came up with actually emanate. If I left this body and the body was able to remain alive without My Energy, no further ideas would present themselves. You, as a brain, would only be able to recycle what had previously passed through you from Me, up until the moment I left. You would wander aimlessly like a person with a severe case of dementia; revisiting old and familiar places, but you would have no reason to be there - you would have no purpose. You would simply exist.

JB: Is this Your way of cheering me up?

Soul: (laughing) Is it working?

JB: No. But I appreciate the words. It does help a little; even if what You say makes me feel like a useless brain.

Soul: Trust Me, you are most definitely not useless. If you would spend a bit more time synchronizing yourself to Me in meditation, the purpose and pleasures I have planned for us would be somewhat less surprising - and perhaps give you that peace you so long for.

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