Thursday, March 27, 2014

Did I Do That?

Once upon a time, in 2003 to be precise, when I first started to meditate, something brilliant happened to me.
I was job searching in a horrible economy and getting nowhere fast, so I sat down in a quiet place and began to visualize getting a job, using the technique of meditation. After a bit, I was able to clear my mind of all thought; my mind was blank and nothing particular was coming to me.

But then, all of a sudden, I began to visualize myself flying through the air over the city. I began to zero in on a cluster of buildings below me that appeared to be bland and lifeless; like an abstract painting. Then, as I lowered to an altitude just above the buildings, a name appeared in my mind; it was the name of one of the companies I had applied to over the last couple of months.

You should know that I had applied to more than 35 jobs during this desperate job search of mine, so for this one to pop up seemed arbitrary at best.

All I could see was the name of this company that was attached to a building. In my mind, the company name floated over the roof of one of the buildings.
Then, right in the middle of my meditation, the phone rang. Boy was I irritated, but I had to answer it, so I picked up the phone and said, "What?"

Low and behold, it was the hiring manager of the company I had just visualized. I was astonished. There I was meditating and visualizing about a company I had applied to, and then they called me. Wow! Had the Universe read my thoughts and made them real?

Well, to make a long story short, even after my abrupt phone etiquette, they hired me. They hired me, and as a result of working there for a while, I was able to obtain a house for my family, since we had just recently moved back to Oregon after spending a year and a half in Utah. And no, we were not practicing to be Mormons.

However, for years after that moment, I believed that I had created that job from my sheer meditation of it. But if you remember the story I just told; I did not specifically picture that job in my meditation. It came to me on its own out of a host of other possible jobs just from me being still and clearing my thoughts. As far as things seemed, it was totally random.

Did you get that? I cleared my thoughts; and that is what meditation actually is - the ability, or even the art, of clearing one's mind so that nothing gets in the way of the communication that the Soul is having with the brain of Its body.

Let me say it all this way:
The Soul, which fully controls the body, knows EXACTLY what It wishes to do, and there is absolutely NOTHING that the physical body can do to stop it. And when the brain is quiet, the Soul's agenda is made known to the brain because all the clutter from the day is out of the way. I know many of you may believe otherwise, but listen.

Simply put, my mind did not see the job that was to hire me because I meditated on it, or visualized it; my mind saw the job because my thoughts were cleared out of the way BECAUSE of the meditation; therefore, I was able to see more clearly what the Soul was going to do with this body I call JB Lewis. Do you see it? The meditation made it possible for my physical brain to become synchronized with the Soul because my regular, daily worries and considerations were out of the way; and therefore my brain was able to see, in real time, what the Soul was bringing into existence.

In other words, the job was always going to call me regardless of any meditation. But because of the meditation, I was able to see what was coming; and as it turned out, I saw it just as it was happening. If I had meditated sooner, I would have known about it sooner, but the wow factor would not have been as significant as having the call come right in the middle of my thinking about it.

I hope all that repetitiveness cleared everything up. But anyway...

The whole process was orchestrated by the Soul so that my brain would notice the effect of meditation; otherwise, had time elapsed between the meditation and the call, the thought would have been dismissed as just another collection of thoughts about places I had applied to. There would have been no significance and my brain would not have made the connection. This same thing is happening to all of you as well - ALL DAY LONG. It is just that people do not regularly notice what the Soul has said.

What that really means is - if we meditate, or clear our minds the best way that we know how, we will be able to see what is coming for us far in advance. In a way, you will be behaving as a psychic or medium would be. That is what is happening with them; they are more sensitive to the Soul. But bear this in mind - in my opinion - a true psychic will not try to clean out your wallet, if they take money from you at all. Anyone who does, is not genuine and you should avoid them, no matter how authentic reality shows make the APPEAR to be.

Furthermore, because of films like, The Secret, people believe that THINKING and FOCUSING on what they want will bring it to them. But that is not true. That is because the body does not control anything - it simply OBEYS the Soul. And if the Soul wants something, the thinking of the brain is not even necessary. The Soul always gets what It wants - without exception.

So do you realize what this means?

It means that you do not have to worry about anything. You do not have to stress about what you think you want but do not have. This is because the Soul has everything that It wants right now at this particular time. I know many will not believe this, but that is only because those people are still relying on what the BRAIN believes.

Ask yourself this question: Exactly how weak do you think the Soul to be? Do you not know that the Soul controls every single part of Its existence as a human? There is NO middle ground. There is NO compromise with the body. The Soul does not ask the body for permission to do anything. If the body is not experiencing something, that is because the Soul does NOT want it right now. The brain may be trying to process other perspectives, but if the Soul does not wish to experience it, then it will not be experienced no matter how much the body may FEEL it needs it, or how much the brain FOCUSES on it, or how many VISION boards are created. Do you suppose the brain can tell the Soul something It does not already know?

It is only when the brain becomes quiet, usually through meditation, that it and the Soul can become symbiotic; this event will result in the brain being able to see directly, and in real time, what the Soul is doing. Now, an untrained brain may believe that the event is being created by sheer concentration, but that is not true. The brain is simply IN TUNE with the Soul and is able to view the TRUTH of things. Some people call this being psychic, or being a medium. But what is really happening is, the brain is no longer trying to peer through a closed door. During this synchronicity with the Soul, all doors to the Universe are open.

It is at this time that there will be no surprises as to what your future holds because, at long last, the brain will not be out of the loop.

Can you see it at last? There is no need to worry or stress. All you need to do is to stop relying what you THINK YOU KNOW based off of what life APPEARS to be showing you because ALL of it is a serious misinterpretation of what is actually going on.

ALL of life is the result of what the brain has misconstrued about what it thinks is going on around it because people have been trained to believe only what they can see or feel physically. This completely negates the Soul as a source of input in our lives. And negating the Soul will result in the feeling of being lost, empty, confused, and misdirected. But remember, these are only feelings the brain can have because the Soul is NEVER lost, empty, confused, or misdirected.

Wouldn't life be so much better if you could find a way to quiet your mind in a way that works for you. It may not be meditation the way others teach it, but perhaps something original that only you do. It may be a quiet drive. It may be drinking a beer (wink), it may be that space of time just before you drift off to sleep. Whatever it is, find it and make it part of your everyday life.

Life does not happen the way your brain thinks it should be - life happens the way that the Soul wants it to be.

JB Lewis

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