Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are Dreams An Alternate Reality?

The body sleeps but the Soul does not. The body is organic, requiring organic things to survive, but the Soul requires nothing. No air, no food, no sleep.

With this in mind, imagine this...

As your body is sleeping, the Soul would not need to lie there in the bed with Its body, waiting for the body to awaken before activities can begin again. Instead, since the Soul is always connected to Its body by thought, the Soul can go on to have other experiences anywhere in the Universe during this time, having never really departed from the body. The Soul can simply (become) something, (go) somewhere, or (live as someone) else at the speed of thought. The Soul can re-live or continue an experience it had earlier in physical form, or a new experience can be made elsewhere, as long as the process of thought can continue; and since thought is progressive and never stops, there are no real limitations to what experiences a Soul can have, where It can have them, or where they can take place.

But where would this other experience take place? That is the interesting part and may explain why scientists cannot exactly determine from what part of the brain dreams emanate. Let us consider that dreams do not originate within the brain itself, but are merely processed there.

When our eyes are open, our brains process the things that go on in our world and we consider this to be our reality. Dreams are also processed in the brain, so as far as the brain is concerned, dreams are real too. Remember, the brain is just a processor and not the source of original thought. Original thought comes from the Thinker Behind the Thinker; or otherwise known as The Soul. The Soul's thoughts are then processed through our organic CPU; the brain. That is why dreams cannot be pinpointed in the brain - they do not come from the brain - they merely pass through it.

So why are dreams often less clear than the experiences we have in our daily lives? Consider this...

Our brain is the center-point of the body that is encountering all of our daily activities. That is to say, our eyes, skin, nose, ears, and all other sensory abilities are tied directly into the brain; hardwired by a central nervous system, if you will. So all of our daily actions are translated into experience by the brain. However, let us imagine that the Soul continues Its experiences elsewhere, (In-Thought), as the physical body sleeps. Those (other-worldly) thoughts are not being directly felt through the body's tissues, seen through the body's eyes, and are therefore not directly processed through the body's central nervous system. It is comparable to the brain receiving transmissions through a Wi-Fi connection via a plethora of frequencies, and then using programming to decode the frequencies that was meant solely for use with an Ethernet cable - the messages may end up being a bit scrambled.

To clarify:

Dreams, as we call them, are not coming from anything physical that the brain would understand. Instead, the brain is receiving data from some other set of experiences that the Soul is (Thinking) about, and the brain does not know precisely how to interpret the information; but it does the best that it can by using the same ground rules for understanding that it uses in its daily life with the body. This method can often make dreams appear patchy, random, and even incoherent.

Still, the brain will attempt to incorporate these new thoughts, as it would any other, by sending the data through the central nervous system and throughout the body. The body, behaving as a reactor to the brain, which, in turn, is a reactor for the Soul, will try to translate the dream data into a physical response. That is why when a dog dreams that it is running, we can observe the dog animating a run while lying on the floor. That is also why people talk in their sleep when talking in their dreams. That is why the body responds physically when in a sleep state - it is reacting to the data that the brain is receiving and attempts to play it out as it would during its waking hours. The body simply does not know any better because it is a servant, not a creator.

Imagine that while the body sleeps, the Soul continues on with Its adventures. The Soul has no eyes to close, no stomach to feed, no clothes to wear, no muscles that become exhausted. So why would the Soul do nothing simply because Its current body needs rejuvenation? Do you believe the Soul is restricted by the body It uses? Do you figure the Soul cannot do more than one thing at a time? Do you understand that the Soul only uses the body to process the experiences It wishes to have? Can you fathom that the Soul can live more than one life at a time throughout multiple dimensions of existence; and that your brain captures a little bit of those other expressions through the body you currently believe to be YOU?

Since All things are connected, there would truly be no reason to think these things are not possible; there would be no separation to consider, except to say that your current physical brain would be unaware of other physical brains and bodies that are being used by the same Soul. 

In that way, the illusion of separation would exist.

Until now, that is...

JB Lewis

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