Monday, January 13, 2014

The Shape of the Soul

In a state where the Soul is not creating an image for another to understand, there would be no particular shape to the Energy of Consciousness. As Intelligent Energy can meld into any form, in a realm of unimpeded thought, there would be no need to assume a form since communication and understanding do not require physicality. 

Why is there no shape? Boundlessness.

The Soul, in a non-manipulated state, does not look like a human body because Energy has no top - no bottom - no back - no front - no curves - no edges - no beginning and no ending. There is no way to see when Energy arrives or if It departs because, in the absence of Intelligence, there would be no way to know where one Identity (Soul) ends and another begins. That is to say, since nothing spiritual can separate from any other spiritual thing; and because ALL things are spiritual, no separation can actually exist. Only within our understanding of how separation is defined can we experience being apart at all.

As physical beings, the One Energy that powers us all, simply pulses and vibrates variably throughout Itself to emulate separation, as two different frequencies emanating from the same Source will appear distinct. But they are not; it is only an illusion of distinctness made for the experience of feeling individual.

The illusion of separateness is essential for the solo experience to take flight since there is no other way to have this emotion.

You are not separate from ANYTHING - you were designed to function as a single identity within a complete Whole. It is absolutely impossible for you to separate from The All Of Everything, making your place in the heaven you seek guaranteed because the Soul known as You has never been apart from it.

Indeed, to be any shape at all, would to be The Shape of Heaven itself; boundless.

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