Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Divine Writers

When authors come along and write something of a divine nature, fans of the work tend to believe the author might have had a direct link to the Source from which the information came. Readers may even think the writer to be of a holier creed than others.
Of course, there will always be those that believe that no one person will ever have a direct conversational link to a Creator, and that is fine; however, the fact that cosmic data is constantly present and available to us all will remain whether people believe in it or not.
Here’s the thing about writers who have penned conversations or ideas that appear to come from a divine source; they are not special or anointed above anyone else to deliver spiritual messages. They have merely (tuned-in) to the static information that is already part of the make-up of All That Is. That is to say, everything that can ever be known already exists in all places right now, at once. This information never dissipates and no new information is ever created. 
Now, to some, this may seem stagnant; as if we are doomed to repeat what we’ve already done over and over again with no new outcomes. But that is not true. There is so much Knowledge available to us, that it would take innumerable lifetimes to experience even the smallest amount of Knowledge flowing throughout the All of IT. That is because the Universe is actually nothing but Knowledge. You may consider the Universe, or God, to be one particular thing with bits of Knowledge flowing here and there, when in fact; all that you see, hear, feel, know and experience is simply Knowledge that has been made to resemble something else; such as all the physical things that surround us, and everything in between.
But you may wonder - how can Knowledge be tangible? How can Knowledge be turned into something solid?
Well, my friend, that is because Knowledge is just another word for Thought, and you are but a Thought that was made to resemble something else; in this case, a human being. And every molecule that makes up your body is an individual Thought. You are not a solid being, nor is anything else. Upon closer inspection, usually through an electron microscope, the space within seemingly solid objects becomes immense.

So what happens when a brilliant Thought is formed into a physical being? Along with skin and bones, a collection of soft tissue, called the brain, is created. And this brain, being new, has no idea from whence it came until acted upon by an (outside) source of Knowledge, and informed of such things. Now we must ponder, from where does such Knowledge emanate? 

Simply stated, we ARE the very Knowledge of Creation; and we have given ourselves something that can be understood as individual, a physical body, even though the (new) part isn’t individual at all. It is only an illusion of individuality so that the Knowledge can see Itself, and experience Itself in a different way.

But let us look at this Knowledge reception from a more human angle. A human perspective may work to explain better because many people see themselves existing only as a body with an inanimate soul tucked inside; it’s difficult for some thinkers to realize that they ARE the Knowledge of All Creation; and this Knowledge, (a.k.a. the Soul) is using the human body for Its pleasure. We know this is true because the brain cannot operate without the Soul giving power and purpose to it, otherwise the body could get up and walk around after the Soul departs from it.

With many humans functioning under the perception that they are separate from the Creative Knowledge, it is easy to see why authors that write Godly things may become revered as special, connected, or otherwise regarded by an almighty source as significant over the rest of the population. However, the truth is – authors that write such things have simply (tuned) their human mind toward the frequency of the unformed Thought that radiates through all of our brains on a consistent basis. 

Try to picture it like this: 

The Universal Data is always present and everywhere; there is not a place where this Knowledge does not exist. It is always around us even if we are not mentally aware of it. Kind of like a satellite that is sending data from space down to Earth. At all times, the satellite continues to broadcast its data across the globe even if there are no receiving satellite dishes on the ground to receive the signal. But when the earthly dish is moved in such a way as to line up with the satellite broadcast, the signal can be absorbed, translated, and understood. This metaphor may help explain human reception as well.

At all times, the Knowledge of All (or God, if you will), is permeating all physical bodies. But it won’t be until your human brain is moved in such a way that it can line up with the Creative Frequency and be able to translate and then understand what the Knowledge is saying. Now this movement of Mind does not need a particular Earthly location in which to be received. All movement of Thought occurs internally. All that is needed is the Awareness that there is Knowledge to be had; and like a beacon, you will discover how to open your human brain to it.

In reality, you are this Knowledge – but since the brain is not born with this understanding – it must be brought to the attention of the physical thinker by other means. Although, there have been those among us that receive the Universal Information simply because they are already open to it. This could be for many reasons; such as having caregivers that do not contaminate a young child’s mind with restrictive ideas about life, deities, heaven, hell, destruction, sin, penalties for behavior and other such things. 

In order to end the cycle of condemning, restrictive and hurtful teachings of generations past, and grow beyond where we are now as a collective, we must let go of that which has no foundation; for if what we have believed only tears us apart as progress is attempted, and does not allow for the expansion of the mind or the expression of the Soul, then there is no real reason to keep utilizing those ideas and pushing them onto our children. 

Change can be scary – but not changing is a waste of your talents and abilities, and will only hold you back from the great life you wish to have.

Ultimately, once people point their spiritual satellites towards this eternally giving Knowledge, everyone can become a divine writer. There is no other secret to it. The Creative Knowledge of God is available to everyone at all times, and in every corner of the Universe. And it is closer than you might think.
Where is it, you may ask?
A quick trip to any household mirror should answer that question.

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