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EVENT 201 and COVID-19 Are The Same Thing ...

On October 19, 2019, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others, hosted, what they called, a Tabletop Exercise of a Fictional Novel Coronavirus Pandemic? 

They invented a fictional virus that leapt off the page and became a pandemic one month later. And, we are all expected to accept that this pandemic is real?

On their website plan, they call it fictional by stating, “…for the scenario, we modeled a fictional novel coronavirus pandemic.”

I'll even go a step further and say, calling it an exercise is a cover for the actual plan going into motion. 
It is time to be logical, reasonable and use our basic common sense. 

Just to be clear – there are 6 known strains of Coronavirus. There is no 7th strain known as COVID-19. Information was even released via the news stating, "...the name COVID-19 was developed to avoid confusion with Coronavirus." 
That is because, COVID-19 is not a coronavirus. Coronavirus is animal based and will not transmute to humans. COVID-19 exists Only on paper.

Their exercise statement: 
Novel Coronavirus Statement

In case you were unaware, novel refers to a virus that has Never Been Seen Before. That means they conjured it out of thin air; they created the new, 7th strain, on paper. 

But then, the same made up virus suddenly became real one month later and took over the globe? Global populations bought into it. 

One must ask, ‘How could a fictional exercise transpire in the real world in the exact same and precise manner that it was laid out on paper – an exercise supposedly to prepare the world for a pandemic?' 

Are your thinking caps on yet? Or are you still in denial?

A logical, scientific mind must conclude that, either the organizers of the exercise are psychic, super geniuses, or the entire pandemic is false. Or, to be more accurate; it is a Global Exercise that is still in play, having never ended last October.

The website is filled with semantical double-speak; where nearly every word and phrase has a hidden meaning. It is the plan of the pandemic described and plotted in detail for all to see; yet, only those in-the-know will understand the word play.

Semantics is the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. When reading the web-page regarding Event 201, one quickly realizes semantics is the writing style being used.

Though the words read like a preparedness action plan, certain key words are used to hide the meaning in plain sight. Words in the document, such as, trusted, accurate, consequences and factualThis public website is their alibi to claim they didn’t plan this pandemic in advance; it is all merely a run of bad luck that the pandemic is playing out exactly like it is written on the site.

When read with this knowledge, it is obvious, that in order to pull off a Global False Pandemic, the ability for citizens to disseminate the truth, when found, will have to be squashed.

When the website author speaks of controlling false information, they are referring to the citizens that discover the truth.

When the author speaks of Consequences, it is referring to the damage that the discovery of truth can do to the false pandemic implementation.

When the author uses the word Accuratean alternate meaning is intended. It refers to the data they wish to portray as true and scientific; but, is not.

Imagine, while reading, that you are a spy decrypting codes, where all the words have two meanings – because they do.

Upon reaching the website, navigate to the Recommendations Tab. There you will find 7 entries that lay out, to the players in this false pandemic, the instructions and guidelines needed to prepare themselves, their cities and businesses for the successful transformation into Global Pandemic mode. 

For example, the material speaks of financial disruptions due to a virus, and the face value of the piece appears benign. However, after analyzing, it is clear the writer is not suggesting preparation to prevent financial disruption, but is alerting to the fact that certain issues need to take place in order to facilitate the required financial disruption to cause a global financial coup.

Entry #7:

The web-page reads: Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation (they are talking about citizens using social media to spread the truth) prior to the next pandemic response.

The article continues: Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation. (This means information that the general public discovers that is contrary to the official narrative).

The article continues: This will require developing the ability to flood the media with fast, accurate, and consistent information. Public health authorities should work with private employers and trusted community leaders such as faith leaders, to promulgate factual information to employees and citizens. Trusted, influential private-sector employers should create the capacity to readily and reliably augment public messaging, manage rumors and misinformation, and amplify credible information to support emergency public communications.

When the article used the words factual and credible, it meant the facts and credible info according to the official narrative, not necessarily the truth. The sentence could have been written by omitting the words factual and credible because those are decorative words just for us, the non-players, so the piece will read in a caring way - as if they are looking out for us. 

The use of the words – augment public messaging, is another way to suggest censoring. Rumors and misinformation are used as labels for anyone trying to convince the public of any facts that lie outside the narrative that the players have issued to the media. The fact is, all the misinformation is emanating from the source of the false pandemic. Think of it this way; why would the authors of the material worry about rumors and augmenting public communication if the virus were real? If people truly died from COVID-19, it would be observable by all and no rumors or conspiracies would exist in regards to the authenticity of the pandemic claim - therefore, no censoring, or augmenting of public messaging would be necessary.

The article continues: Media companies should commit to ensuring that authoritative messages are prioritized and that false messages are suppressed including through the use of technology. Accomplishing this will require governments, international organizations and global business. The word prioritized is referring to a specific timeline for release to maximize effectiveness and to counter opposing messages until they can be suppressed.

Authoritative and false messages being suppressed would apply to censoring citizens that have figured out the pandemic is false

Those people would be labeled as conspiracy theorists because that tag instantly tells the psyche of others not to pay attention to anything they say. The Central Intelligence Agency conjured the phrase conspiracy theory in the 1960’s specifically for that purpose.

I urge everyone to pay close attention to what is going on around you. Go to the website and investigate for yourself. Ask the questions that are obvious and logical. Do not overrule your own common sense. Is it logical that an exercise detailing the precise outlay of circumstances regarding a Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, suddenly became a worldwide reality one month later? 

If you can get past that question and feel like the pandemic is real, then ask yourself no additional questions – you are not ready to see the light. However, if you are forced to inquire deeper to satisfy basic common sense – you are on the path to the truth. And the truth is the only thing that will save us from what is to come.

Here's just a funny little add-in that isn't quite explainable in the real world. It looks as though the CDC was hiring for the Pandemic BEFORE the Pandemic. Why would that be unless they were super psychic? No one is that good .... Notice the date of the job posting.

I can't help but think of the words of John Rockefeller, a long-time advocate of a single world government, when he said, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." Which is now called One World Government or Global Government. And what would make nations like the United States panic with fear even more? A False Pandemic.

Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recommended on March 26th. We need a World Government to fix the pandemic and financial crisis.

Over the years, I have learned there are no accidents. Martial law may very well be on the horizon; but it likely won’t be phrased as martial law. In several ways, the world has imposed martial law on themselves. What better way to relieve people of their freedoms than to make people willingly give up their freedoms out of fear and blindness?

A clever trick governments use is to make the citizens believe giving up their freedoms was the idea of the citizens themselves.

The question is, will you ignore what is right in front of you so that you won't feel like a fool for being tricked by all the propaganda? If you believe multiple countries cannot participate in a global agenda, you are still not paying attention. It only requires a few, behind the scene, non-elected, players from participating governments and organizations to pull something like this off.

Keep your eyes peeled and your fear of rhetoric and terror-mongering at bay. Then you may begin to see more clearly.

States may begin restricting entry at their borders to freeze total movement. In their minds this will prevent large rebellions and collaborations. Curfews may be imposed to further control the flow of people, not a virus.

If medical personnel are given police-like authority, they will be able to go door to door to take your temperatures or other invasive and illegal things. But there will really be another agenda in play - your civil liberties.

Like they say in politics, "Never waste a good crisis."

Don't forget to stand up for yourselves. This whole thing has taken on a life of its own now. People are behaving like lunatics. And keep in mind that every time a state executive order is issued ordering private citizens to stay at home or close a business, we are all one step closer to completing a state-by-state martial law act. This is useful to the creators of this propaganda so that a nationwide martial law does not have to be issued. If the President issues an executive martial law order, the Constitution would be suspended and all our rights with it. That's when you'll know we're in trouble as citizens. Keep in mind, an executive order is not law; it merely has the appearance of law and only affects military and police. A private citizen does not have to obey an executive order. However, cities will still say you can be fined or even jailed if you disobey these ordinances.
But if you are, it is a violation of your civil rights and you should fight it. It is their hope that you will be too terrified, overwhelmed and too put out to argue about it.

As of this writing, The Constitution is still in play and no law can be made that would undermine the Supreme Law of the Land - The US Constitution. We are being sized up during this whole pandemic to see just how much we will put up with; see where our limits are.
The Constitution does not contain a provision for martial law because the Constitution was never intended to be suspended. It is our only protection from government and those who would like to control us. President Lincoln created the provision of martial law in 1863 to thwart the power of the Constitution. Now that multiple states have issued executive orders to force people to Stay At Home, I suspect other states will follow until all the states have been independently locked down. Voila - a nationwide martial law - without calling it martial law.

The orders issued by governors and mayors are NOT LAW. It is not a crime to disobey them and you cannot legally be detained. Any arrest is a violation of your civil rights. The apathy of citizens gives their commands the appearance of law. 

14th Amendment:
No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. 
~ Cornell Law Institute

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COVID-19 Has Only Ever Existed On Paper

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