Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grace Is Not Necessary

Grace from God is not necessary because we are not in danger of being forsaken. Forgiveness is not needed because there is nothing for which the Soul would be judged since the Soul is the Creator of All That Is; and the Soul does not comprehend how to destroy any part of Itself.

Energy and Light, or Consciousness as we collectively call it, cannot contradict or separate from Itself. It flows progressively, ever expanding.

That means that no part of the inseparable Whole can ever go off and be a singular Spiritual Being that controls other parts of the Whole, rewarding and punishing accordingly, since the Light never judges or holds biased opinions about Itself. Consciousness is in perfect balance and no one part of the Whole is grander than another.

Instead, Energy uses the flesh of a body to briefly experience individuality; and although the body is individual among other bodies, the Soulful Consciousness back of it - is not. And existing as an identity within this Whole means, if one part of the Energy field knows something, then the entire field of Energy knows it too. That is, all CAUSES are designed by the undivided One - and all EFFECTS are experienced by the unified Whole.

Imagine the people of the city of New York walking around in an unbreakable fog, from which everything they need is taken; knowledge, power for their bodies, and their very consciousness. Now enlarge that idea to include the entire Universe and beyond. In other words, God is the omnipotent fog that All identities, or beings, exist within - including all physical things. And if the fog were lifted, nothing would exist.

Ultimately, there is but one will to be had among all of creation. That is the will to simply exist and explore the Whole of the One from the inside out. And since there is a will to exist, we will never be able to Not exist.

What is there? There is One Consciousness behaving as infinite identities for the purpose of individuality and experience. No singular identity ever leaves the Whole; therefore, (returning) after your Earthly experience is over, is guaranteed. No savior, blood sacrifice, or religious belief is necessary.


  1. Did you know you're insane?

    1. Do you know how little it means to me whether or not you believe me to be insane? However, one who believes the lunacy of the bible might want to question their I.Q. and relative state of sanity.