Monday, November 11, 2013

Love Is The Antidote

If hatred, fear, anger, worry, anxiety and stress can cause cancer (and they do), then love is the antidote.
I feel inspired to tell you that having cancer is not the end of the world; that is, since you have a special gift inside of you. To help you find your gift, I will pass a few thoughts your way.

Rather than writhe in agony over what you expect cancer to do to you. Instead, ACCEPT your body the way that it is. Do not let the idea of cancer frighten you, for that will not help your plight. Radiation and chemicals are not the appropriate tools either because they attack the result, and not the cause. That method is the same as trying to extinguish a fire by spraying the top of the flames instead of the base where the fire originated.

Listen to this: cancer has no power of its own; it is merely a reaction to what has been done to the body either by thought, emotion, and sometimes ingested content. The body is simply trying to coordinate what it has been given to deal with.
But even the worst case scenarios can be reversed if you have the right antidote; and you do.

Yes, I know you want to live; I know you have plans for this life. However, in order to erase all your fear, hate, stress, and worry; there is only one thing you must do - and that is, be all right with the outcome of what cancer brings. You must, in fact, embrace it. That is the place where Love resides.
But Love is more than just a fanciful platitude to describe a romantic feeling.

Love is the absence of anything that would cause you pain or misery. Love is a perspective, a way of looking at things. And if you change the way you look at your life, everything else will fall into place, including your body.
Even if cancer consumes you, you are not its prisoner; you are its Master. Positive thinking will not help you, if underneath the smile, you are still terrified and full of resistance, for what you resist will persist. That is because you have not let go of the mindset you had before the cancer. If you have to force positivity, then it is not genuine, and the body will always know the truth of how you really feel.
You must ABSOLUTELY release the fear of death; it is only at that moment that you shall truly be alive. And when the body feels that level of joy, it will do what it does best - heal and thrive.

What you may not know is that, lying dormant inside you is all the medicine you need to become and remain healthy. This gift was built into your system and is yours to open when you are ready. The only thing needed to use this gift is this:
Decide to change your mind about Who You Think You Are. And then NEVER look back.
But what if a child has cancer? How can they be full of fear and stress and anger and such? Are they not children without jobs, bills or relationship problems? 
I tell you this: children feel that which is present around them. If the household is hostile from abuse, stressed from parents complaining about money, or even depressed from the lack of a strong self-image; then they can develop a core response to circumstances in life that can manifest within the body. If they eat toxic foods, then their bodies must try to function on poison, which can sometimes lead to a cellular corruption.
But what if a six-month old gets leukemia? How could such a small baby feel or encounter these things? Could the parent have damaged their own cells to the point that the baby's physical integrity is compromised? Of course, that is possible. However, it is at this point that the why's cannot be adequately answered for grieving parents, except to say this: there comes a point when, as humans, we have to cease viewing life from a medical perspective, and switch to a Soulful perspective. There are simply cases of cancer that supersede human understanding and intervention. It is then that we have to consider that something beyond us is occurring; something in which the Soul wishes to experience. 
As a parent, this is hard to do. But when you reach that place in your heart and mind where you can release anything, because you love it so much; you will begin to realize that the love you hold for your child, is the antidote to your pain. 
So know this; when you change the way you believe, everyone in the family will feel it. Everyone will begin to resonate with your new conceptions on life and love. The stress will be lifted. The anxiety will disappear. And when you tell your family everyday that they are beautiful and that you love them, their self-images will start to flourish. 
When you see the results within your family, you will know you have given out, a full dose of the Love antidote.

JB Lewis

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